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It’s a new week and we’re back with a brand new set of horoscopes to help you plan for the week ahead by checking what the stars have in store!

Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Here’s another week of astrological forecasts, courtesy of our favorite — Psychic Zya.

Astro Overview:

Whew the planets are showing out this week!

On the 20th we have both a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries. This bad boy will be filled with drama. On this date expect upheaval, agreements and just general annoyance. It’s totally not the day to plan big meetings or sign big contracts especially as Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 21st just as the Sun also enters Taurus on the 20th.

During this intense period- your emotions will be up and down as Aries and Taurus bounce you between feeling aggressive, driven, super adventurous and also lazy, irritated, and possibly deeply emotional.

The biggest takeaway is not to make any key decisions during the 20th-21st and be sure to watch what you say during this transit as well as unfortunately harsh words will have a long-lasting impact.

Be mindful of anything that has to do with food, transportation, and money as we may see global upheavals across the globe during this period.

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Alrighty, let’s see what the stars have in store for you…

Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Innerstanding is the word that comes up for you this week. Expect this Eclipse to totally rock your values about your self. You see many of you are shedding layers and capes that belong to others and while this can be completely uprooting emotionally and cause a lot of awkward conversations when the dust settles you’ll be glad you did.

RED FLAG: If you drive an electrical vehicle, take all precautions during the Mercury Retrograde and get another non-electrical backup of transportation

SWEET SPOT: If your lover “drives you mad” and in not a good way, this week is a great time to break up.

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