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Erica Mena put Safaree on blast for not only giving Amara La Negra’s twins Rolexes while allegedly being a “deadbeat clown” to their children.

Erica x Safaree x Amara

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Yikes! The divorce may be over, but the drama between Erica and Safaree is still going strong. Before we could process the soft launch of Safaree and Amara La Negra’s new relationship, Erica was already back to dragging him online. The actress called him out for spoiling another woman’s kids with luxury gifts while she claims their own children only got dollar store decorations.

Safaree Played Prince Charming At The Fairytale Birthday Party For Amara’s Twin Daughters

Once upon a time, Amara planned an over-the-top party fit for her royal little princesses, Sumajestad Royalty and Sualteza Empress, and apparently, her new man was by her side. Safaree was either back to his love-bombing ways that wore down Erica Mena’s resistance or showing out for LHH Miami’s cameras and castmates. Either way, the rapper went above and beyond to be prince charming.

Bobby Lytes recorded the moment Safaree surprised Amara with Rolex watches for the twins’ birthday. They only turned 1, so he could have waited until they can tell time or, at least, count, but nevertheless Safaree proudly presented the babies with the pricey gifts.

The rumored couple still hasn’t publicly made it official aside from a kiss on the dance floor, but during the party, Safaree gave a speech showing his appreciation for Amara.

“I’m doing this because I’m new to Miami and you know ever since I’ve been here, Amara has been a great everything; friend, tour guide, helping me with my Spanish. She’s just been a great business partner,” he announced.

Although it looked like a happy ending, Safaree’s ex Erica Mena alleged that the stepdaddy cosplay wouldn’t last past the stroke of midnight.

See why Erica called Safaree a “deadbeat clown” after the flip.

Erica Mena Calls Safaree A “Deadbeat Clown” To Their Kids After He Gave Amara La Negra’s Twins Rolexes

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When Safaree’s ex-wife Erica Mena saw him give Amara’s Royal Twins the royal treatment, she clapped back in the comments. The reality star claimed that Safaree “NEVER” did anything so extravagant for their two children, Legend Brian Samuels and Safire Majesty Samuels.

“Aw so cute. It’s just very interesting how my kids have NEVER received gifts like this by this waste man. My daughter just turned 3. All she got was a birthday cake and a few balloons in his living room,” Erica wrote on Instagram.

“And please don’t get me started on how he didn’t do anything for my son’s first birthday until two weeks after the fact. And again, that was just balloons in his living room.”

While Safaree has denied Erica’s criticisms about his parenting, LHH’s cameras captured her struggling through the end of her second pregnancy alone.

“But happy [everybody] enjoyed this circus theme birthday party with a deadbeat clown as a special guest,” she added.

Yikes! Erica’s super shady post was just the beginning.

See the receipts Erica posted about Safaree’s alleged “deadbeat” debauchery after the flip.

Erica Doubles Down On “Deadbeat” Accusations With Screenshots And Voice Notes As Receipts

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If dragging Safaree in the comments of the birthday party video wasn’t enough, Erica exposed receipts about him as a father. She took to Instagram again, exposing how the rapper allegedly talks about their children to other people.

“Imagine hardly being constant with your parenting time as it is. ‘Trying to get them out of here’ is what you been doing since I had them,” Erica wrote on an alleged screen recording of Safaree.


The audio sounds like Safaree with the voice of a young child in the background, saying, “I got my kids, that’s why I’m here. Trying to get them out of here.”

In another post, Erica called out Safaree and his mother, asking her to speak up because she raised him better than this. She included screenshots of a text Safaree allegedly sent another woman saying, “I’m not gonna lie. This is torture.”

According to Erica’s caption, the video clip shows one of their children crying. She added that the woman who sent the text to her had Safaree’s contact name saved as “Delusional.”

In her final post, Erica promised to keep going hard for her kids.

“The whole world gonna feel it. I’m not being quiet about the games that has been played when it comes to my kids anymore,” she wrote.

Whew, it sounds like there’s a new couple and plenty of new drama on the horizon! Between social media and the LHH cameras, it’s all going to play out in the public eye.

What do you think of Safaree giving Rolexes to Amara La Negra’s twins?


Do you believe Erica Mena’s claims that he’s a “deadbeat clown” to his own children?

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