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These low blows go way beyond baby mama drama.

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Erica Mena is taking the beef to another level with her ex Safaree and his (temporary) next, Kimbella Matos. Earlier this week, BOSSIP reported the former video vixen blew up social media in a bitter back-and-forth with Safaree’s rumored new girlfriend. Now according to The Neighborhood Talk, Erica leaked Safaree’s texts about reconciling and their sex life, even accusing him of preying on a 15-year-old.

In the first round, Erica sent subliminal tweets about the rapper’s “prostitute.” Kimbella fired back, claiming Erica “slept with the whole industry for free.” This time she came back with receipts that the Love & Hip Hop star is an “obsessed” ex stalking her and Safaree from behind multiple fake social media pages.

“All you do is text his phone about me! Give it up!” Kimbella taunted in the caption.

“Damn, you’re really obsessed with her, watching her every move from your fake pages and not letting up. Nobody is thinking about you at all. I just want time with my kids thanks,” said a screenshot Kimbella posted of Safaree’s texts with Erica.

In response to the model calling him an “ugly person when it comes to being a father,” Safaree called Erica out about neglecting her oldest child.

“I was with you for 3 years and saw your son no more than 5 times… Let’s not talk about deadbeat,” Safaree supposedly wrote to his “bitter BM.”

We already know Erica has a history of catfish shenanigans because she was exposed for using a burner account to harass her ex Cyn SantanaIf cyber stalking isn’t bad enough, Erica also tried to shame Safaree about their sex life.

“The many reasons why I left his sick *ss,” Erica wrote on a screenshot of Safaree allegedly asking her to wear a strap-on. “Good luck. he is a sick in the head bastard. Enjoy it tho. I’m sure you will strap it on to get a phone bill paid.”

It’s strange timing that the proud bisexual brought this up right after she posted her Pride photoshoot. She also waited until now to accuse Safaree of preying on a friend’s 15-year-old daughter. Whether these allegations are true or not, Erica just made herself look worse by using them as ammunition in petty drama.

“You might want to show your whore what you really be on behind her back,” Erica wrote, getting the last word with more toxic texts allegedly from Safaree.

“I miss you,” the messages said. “I feel very sad and empty right now. I’m driving and crying right now. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be saying any of this to you. Your mind is made up.”

It seems like Erica and Safaree need to put the phones down unless they’re calling for couples therapy. Kimbella may be a willing participant, but everyone else dragged into the drama is caught unnecessary strays. If Erica doesn’t care about protecting someone else’s child, she should at least consider how this will affect Safire Majesty, Legend, and her oldest son, King.


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