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Another day, another Love Is Blind scandal, but this one centers around resurfaced tweets from what many would consider a shocking source.

Love Is Blind: Netflix

Source: Love Is Blind / Netflix

Marshall Glaze has apologized and deleted his Twitter account amid backlash for disparaging tweets he previously wrote about Black women.

The LIB season four star’s tweets have been labeled as “colorist” and “anti-Black” by many fans of the franchise. The tweets became the subject of much scrutiny after screenshots of Glaze’s 2021 posts were shared by a Reddit user and the rhetoric was immediately deemed insensitive to Black women.

Moreover, many fans were shocked that their beloved Marshall could release such vitriol.

The 27-year-old apologized for his critical comments and explained why he chose to leave the posts on his profile citing the scandal that centered around his cousin Justin Glaze of The Bachelorette fame.

Just like Marshall, Justin was also condemned for “ignorant and hurtful” resurfaced tweets.

“I’m seeing a lot of my old tweets surface from years ago. This happens to pretty much everyone who goes into the public eye. It happened to my cousin and I knew it’d happen to me,” wrote Marshall.

“Let me be clear, like I said to someone earlier…things change. I was a sad teenager with a lot of issues when I tweeted a lot of that. I’ve grown and do not feel or think the same way.”

Marshall explained that “anyone with anything to hide would have gone back and deleted” the remarks, but that’s apparently just not him.


You probably should’ve deleted them, Playboy.


Marshall also claimed that he wanted to display his, “progression as an individual. As a human. Those old tweets are just my proof that I have evolved,” he stated.

“I thank God for the opportunity to be damaged, seek clarity and forgiveness, and develop into a better person,” wrote Marshall.

The problematic posts expressing his disdain for Black women and love for Latinas were made when the Love Is Blind star was around 15 to 18 years old. Many users also alleged that the tweets praising Latinas directly tied into Marshall falling in love blindly with his old flame, Jackelina Bonds, on the show.

“A group of sad Black girls that sit in a damn circle sharing their stories on why MEN ‘ain’t s***’,” he wrote in one tweet. “I’ll tell you, BLACK females. Why?”

In another post, the Baltimore native wrote: “You walk into a restaurant and what do you see? A white couple, a Hispanic couple, an Asian couple, OH and a group of Black girls.”

“Latina girls know how to treat their dude!” he added in another. “I want a Latina girlfriend, only so she could speak Spanish when we… Yea lol.”

Talk about cringey!

Marshall has released a second apology and this one includes shout-outs to Black women he feels he let down.


Hit the flip for that.

Twitter Blasts Marshall Glaze’s Old Tweets, Marshall Releases Another Apology

Marshall released a second apology but not before watching heat from #LIB watchers.

Many Love Is Blind fans expressed their disappointment as they viewed Marshall as one of the more thoughtful and empathetic men on the show but others claimed they could tell something was off about the “good guy” and he received the karma he deserved.

Twitter user @christianacici said that Glaze’s karma orchestrated his failed relationship with Jackelina Bonds,

“This is how Karma works. He bashed black women years ago, elevated Latina women, only to be publicly humiliated by a Latina who is as rachet as how he described black women. #MarshallGlaze”


Marshall released a second apology on his InstaStory over the weekend that noted the Black women he loves including his mother, sisters, and a beautiful Black doctor named Chay Barnes whom he “pushed away.”


“Please allow me the space to again, take accountability for those tweets from 2014 and earlier. 2023 Marshall is ashamed of the young, less developed and immature version who published those tweets. This time let me direct a public apology to some of the phenomenal Black women in life. Let this be an apology to all of the incredible Black women around the globe.”


“Last but certainly not least, this Queen,” wrote Marshall about Chay. “Chay…you deserve the biggest apology out of them all. You have been sidelined by me for reasons that I can’t even begin to explain. You stuck by me even when I pushed you away. Never again.” @ChayBarnes


Marshall And Jackelina Bonds Broke Up Dramatically On Love Is Blind 

As previously reported Marshall and Jackelina (Jackie) had a tumultuous relationship prompting many fans to label Jackie as toxic.

Love Is Blind Season 4 assets

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

The two formed an intense emotional bond in the pods but the dental assistant’s interest seem to fade on their honeymoon in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The couple’s troubles continued when they returned home to Seattle and Jackie ultimately decided not to show up for her wedding dress fitting, resulting in the couple calling off their wedding.

During a firey showdown between the two Jackie also opted to keep the engagement ring she accepted from Marshall and still has it to this day.

The 27-seven-year-old is now dating castmate, Josh Demas, 31, who she also formed a connection with in the pods.

Jackie claimed she initially chose Marshall because he was emotionally intelligent and openly expressed his feelings for her, while Josh left her desiring more affection.

To Marshall’s dismay, Jackie and Josh were no-shows for the Love is Blind reunion that aired on April 16. However, the pair did appear in a pre-taped interview that was viewed during the live show and revealed they have been dating for a year.  Jackie also claimed Marshall used a “derogatory term” to insinuate that she might be a man after she made a joke questioning his sexuality. Marshall said he was also joking and never used the term.

Jackie recently issued an apology to Marshall and said she’s taking accountability for her actions.

Season 4 of Love is Blind is still available on Netflix if you’re looking for something spicy to binge.


Do you think Marshall should be forgiven for his distasteful tweets?


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