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On Caresha Please, Blac Chyna got real about her future as Angela White and messy past with Tyga, Rob Kardashian, and Tokyo Toni. At the end of the day, it’s still Blac Chyna the brand,” said Angela.

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The reality star appeared on the most recent episode of the Caresha Please podcast to explain what’s next after her shocking make-under. As usual, host Yung Miami asked all the questions on everyone’s mind.

Before diving into Chyna’s infamous exes, Bible college degree, and messy mama, Miami started with Angela White’s post-rebrand identity.

Don’t Get “Caught Up On This Whole ‘Church Girl’ Thing”

Although Angela White reintroduced herself to the world recently, she is still about her business. The savvy businesswoman is still as serious about saving her soul as she is about securing the Blac Chyna bag. Miami asked whether to address her as Angela or Chyna.

“Depends. I’m going by Angela. ‘Blac Chyna when I need to… when I’m doing work stuff.”

Chyna described removing her implants, butt shots, and fillers as a 360° return to her truer and more natural self. Many fans clocked it as a 180° for the former stripper to become a born-again Christian.

“This Angela White thing is also Blac Chyna. I don’t want people to get so caught up on this whole church girl thing,” she said

That seems like a stretch after she flocked to a giant cross in her glossy video and photoshoot for Easter. Considering that, Chyna definitely seemed “caught up in the whole church girl thing” herself.

Chyna told Caresha she’d embrace the duality and contradictions, much like God embraced other sinners.

“I don’t want people to be looking at me like ‘She can’t dress this way or do this type of music or go to these type of events’ because that’s not the case,” she said.

The *B*A*P*S* Live star added,  “At the end of the day, it’s still Blac Chyna, the brand.”

Check out Chyna dishing about her “favorite” ex Tyga and denying “getting her lick back” with Rob Kardashian after the flip!

Blac Chyna Addresses “Getting Her Lick Back” With Rob Kardashian, Not Speaking To Her “Favorite” Ex Tyga, And Dating Rappers

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

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Yung Miami praised Chyna’s journey from being a stripper to “relationship goals” with Tyga and seeming to get her lick back with Rob.” The rapper said her role in the Kardashian family “went down in Black history,” calling it “the most iconic sh*t ever.”

Her Kardashian Klan saga may have looked maliciously messy, but the entrepreneur said it’s all “a vibe” that unfolded naturally. That includes getting with Rob after she “was done with that situation” with Tyga.

“It definitely wasn’t no “get a lick back” ype thing. I don’t have the patience for all that,” Chyna said.

Miami however doubled down with the beloved narrative and said, “I feel like it was because it was like, ‘B*tch, now I’m with your brother, and now we’re sisters.'”


Caresha, please!

Chyna revealed that she was suspicious when Rob slid into her DMs and at first, she thought he was helping his sisters set her up. She added that she and Rob remain on good terms these days for the sake of their daughter, Dream.

When it comes to Tyga, however, things are Rocky. Chyna revealed that they don’t currently speak and only co-parent by coordinating through their respective nannies. All that matters is taking care of their son, King. When asked about her favorite ex, however, the star admitted, “I had a time with him, it’s still Tyga.”

Now Chyna is single and said her days of dating rappers are behind her. She said she’d prefer athletes because “I don’t think it’s no more rappers out there.”

Miami, who previously dated Diddy, cosigned and said, “it’s like two left” as far as dateable rappers.

Check out Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni’s twerktastic reunion for Zeus Network’s Baddies East after the flip!

Blac Chyna Talks Estrangement From Tokyo Toni Before Reunion For Baddies East, Toni Gets “Angela” Tattoo

"Tokyo Toni's Finding Love ASAP" - Zeus Network Los Angeles Premiere

Source: Arnold Turner / Getty

Regardless of how many famous exes Chyna has, her most talked about relationship is still with her mom. Tokyo Toni recently made headlines for bashing Chyna’s latest changes. She even accused her daughter of rolling with the Illuminati in her social media rants.

When Chyna appeared on this latest Caresha Please episode, she and her mom still weren’t speaking.

“I love my mom. I think she’s the funniest person in America. I love her. I just feel like she’s misunderstood and we don’t really see eye to eye right now,” Chyna said, admitting the rift makes her sad.

Despite Toni repeatedly putting her on blast, Chyna had a lot of grace for her mother. She didn’t care about the public’s opinion of Toni but hoped the public fallout would give her a chance to reflect on her actions.

“When it’s on camera, you can really see yourself. Hopefully one day she’ll wake up with a new set of eyes, a different conscious, and look at what she’s doing,” Chyna said.

According to Chyna, they sometimes go six months or more than a year without speaking, but the love is always there.

Most recently for Mother’s Day, shortly after Chyna’s birthday, she posted about a promising mother-daughter make-up.

“Thank you God, for the 35 years of life. I love you mom for birthing me. Happy Birthday to me,” Chyna wrote on an IG video of the two of them together.

Chyna and Toni ran into each other’s arms, laughing and rolling on the ground together. That’s not the biggest surprise in their emotional embrace, however, Tokyo also put her love for her only child with a massive “Angela” tattoo on her heart.

“It took 5 hours, and it’s huge! On my heart! That’s my baby,” Toni said, hugging Chyna.

Fans can now expect to see more of them together. MadameNoire reported that Tokyo Toni and Chyna reunited at the auditions for Zeus Network’s upcoming season of Baddies East.

The mother-daughter duo hung up their stripper shoes years ago but Toni still had to show out to remind the prospective new Baddies that this OG still has the cakes and the moves. While Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Rock, and Chyna cheered, Toni dropped down and made it clap.

The 51-year-old proved she still has knees like Thee Stallion.

Check out Blac Chyna’s full interview on Caresha Please below.

Do you believe Blac Chyna didn’t “get her lick back” with Rob Kardashian? What do you think about her double-cheeked-up reunion with Tokyo Toni on Baddies East?

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