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Our girl Latto really Put It On Da Floor with this revealing new Cosmopolitan cover story.

Latto covers Cosmopolitan's Skin issue

Source: Chrisean Rose / Cosmopolitan

Not only does she get completely naked as part of the photoshoot (and the massage she gets during the interview) but she also opens up about her very private love life, her experiences with plastic surgery as well as very personal details about her family and the things she thinks the public gets wrong about her.

We’re gonna focus on the quotes about her relationship since that’s what y’all seem most interested in over here. Check out a few excerpts from Cosmo below:

You talk about having a boyfriend3 but won’t reveal who he is. How come?

If something is special to me, I’m going to keep it close to me because everything else has to be front and center about my life.

Does he ever fly out to a show to surprise you or do that sort of thing?

Yes, that’s definitely happened before, but it’s not a consistent thing. I think we find the beauty in separation sometimes because it makes us miss each other.

For sure, but do you ever wish you looked out into the audience and he was there rocking out?

I be thinking that, but my privacy is more important. I can’t have people putting two and two together. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in.

Are you the jealous type?

You know what, I’m crazy, but I’m not that crazy. I let him have his time and he lets me have mine. We trust each other. When he’s at home, like now, he’s probably gambling with his friends. I let him do him. We’ve built that trust, and I think people will probably be caught off guard or shocked at who I am in a relationship versus my public persona.

How so?

Because people think I’m so tough because I’m super confident and dominant. In this relationship at least, I’m way more comfortable with taking the passenger seat and letting him lead because he lets me be myself—and I can still be my alpha self. But I respect him as a man to play the man role. And I’m really in my soft girl era.

I can see from your Instagram page that you love to cook for him.

He loves when I make food. They be trying to crack on me online and he be dead laughing like, “What food ain’t good?” That man cleans the bone.

Keep reading for Latto’s quotes about plastic surgeries and her manifesting motherhood in a major way.


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