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Joseline Hernandez is beefing online after another viral fight, but this time it’s with the police who issued an arrest warrant for her tussling with officers. “Not even the beat can catch me,” said Hernandez defiantly.

Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Grand Opening

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The Puerto Rican Princess could be the Puerto Rican Prisoner with this latest warrant looming. The Shade Room reports that Joseline Hernandez is a wanted woman for battering multiple officers in a confrontation captured on police bodycam footage.

The Joseline’s Cabaret creator faces charges for battery of law enforcement officers and no bond is set, according to the July 25 court filing. If Joseline doesn’t appear in the Broward County court by August 10, she will forfeit her eligibility for a bond. Yikes!

As BOSSIP previously reported, Joseline gave the Mayweather vs. Gotti fight a grand opening with her performance and a grand closing with a backstage brawl. The Zeus Network star had the fight of the night with former Joseline’s Cabaret contestant Big Lex.

Viral videos caught the two baddies’ stomping, swinging, and stiletto-slinging action. Early the following day, Sunrise, FL, cops arrested Joseline for battery from the incident, where she even turned on her own security guards for getting in the way.

The 36-year-old was apparently still in fight mode because she turned on the cops next.

Check out the footage of Joseline Hernandez’s arrest that led to back-to-back battery charges after the flip.

Joseline Hernandez Fights Off Cops During Arrest For Big Lex Brawl

Joseline's Cabaret

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Joseline Hernandez’s mouth is just as vicious as her hands and feet and Sunrise PD released bodycam footage showing her using all three against multiple cops trying to take her in.

The chaotic clip obtained by TMZ starts with the Love & Hip-Hop alum already upset, warning white male cops not to touch her. Things are tense as Joseline enters a room full of cops and her husband, Balistic Beats. Someone, likely Ballistic, tries to reassure her, but that only makes it worse.

“Shut up, b*tch!” she yells, throwing a phone. Then she shoves a cop trying to restrain her. That’s when the officers swarm the “Vegas (I Wanna Ride)” singer. They take her down and cuff her hands as she shouts slurs and profanity but also fear for her safety.

“Y’all wanna kill me, don’t y’all, b*tches? You f*cking f*ggots!” she yells in protest.

One cop warns that Joseline is about to earn herself more charges as they carry her away, kicking and screaming.

“Y’all are going to jail! You won’t have a job tomorrow,” she warns about them manhandling her.

Now the Puerto Rican Princess faces yet another case for that incident. After The Shade Room revealed a warrant for her arrest, Joseline sounded as fearless now as she was that night.

Check out Joseline Hernandez’s reaction, taunting police about her arrest warrant after the flip.

Joseline Hernandez Reacts To Warrant For Back-To-Back Battery Charges: “Not Even The Beat Can Catch Me”

Atlanta Black Pride Weekend Pure Heat Community Festival

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Although Joseline’s attorneys may be stressed about her latest legal trouble, she’s utterly unbothered. News of the arrest warrant broke as she promoted the latest episode of Joseline’s Cabaret: New York.

Without skipping a beat, the meme queen flipped the news to promote her new EP, Rachetera. She continued her social media shenanigans on Instagram, teasing the same cops she fought.

“Even the beat can’t catch me,” she wrote on Instagram with a string of laughing emojis on the tracklist for Rachetera, which dropped July 23.

Of course, the comments went wild over the post.

“Girl gone to the station and stop playing around,” a reply said.

“When you thought you was buying Renaissance from the bootleg CD man but get home and its this….” someone joked.

“If giving zero f***s was a person,” another commented.

Others put some respect on Joseline’s name for her success.

“Her album is #2 on the Latin billboard stop playing with her,” one supporter said.

“So is this a publicity stunt or what because wtf? I don’t condone her actions but it’s kinda genius,” another replied.

On a recent episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, Joseline opened up about that night and her arrest and said she’s ready to grow and even put her fighting days behind her. All jokes aside, Joseline admitted that she “went too far” during the arrest out of fear.

“I was definitely scared… At the moment, it’s like, ‘Okay, I might’ve went too far’… [and] there’s a possibility that you could really get hurt when you go under that type of situation,” she said.

Check out her full interview below.

If the controversial celeb’s fighting days are behind her hopefully the court sees that so she can go back to breaking records and the internet.

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