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Gunna - Life Is Beautiful festival, Day 1, Las Vegas, USA - 20 Sep 2019

Gunna – Source: Rolling Stone / Getty

Gunna and his team are apparently living out his raps as a man who called the rapper a “rat” was confronted and backpedaled immediately. 

Since Gunna’s been home everyone has had an opinion about his acceptance of an Alford plea deal. . Everyone seems to ignore all the legal professionals who pointed out that he didn’t snitch including  Lil Durk and Lil Boosie who said he wouldn’t do a song with him.

Gunna responded to all the chatter on his post-jail album A Gift & a Curse with one of the album’s standout tracks “rodeo dr.” On it, the rapper hinted that he would be confronting people who accused him of being a “rat.”

“I know some n***as locked up in the dungeon that say they feel me like a fabric

I know you heard I been pullin’ up pressin’ these n***as who claimin’ I ratted”


Now, it looks like Gunna’s sticking to his promise considering that footage has surfaced of himself and his security team checking a man who dared to utter those claims.

In the video, the clout-chasing man can be heard calling him a “rat” before security asks him to repeat what he said.

“N***a, Gunna the rat!” said the unnamed man.

“What’d you say?” replied Gunna’s security approaching the man.”

N***a, Gunna,” he nervously responded before security asked him to say it again.

“Whatever I wanted to say, brother,” the man proclaimed as Gunna appeared in the video.

The man backed down initially but as security walked off ,he instantly regained his bravery while claiming if he was touched he would “sue the hell out of” them.

All that for a drop of clout?


You can watch the confrontation below.


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