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Chrisean Rock responds after she was dragged for not properly strapping her baby into a carrier and admits she will change her son’s name to Blueface after “forgiving him.”

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Not much Chrisean Rock does nowadays induces shock, but after social media goers saw a video of the 23-year-old shopping in Wal-Mart as her baby’s neck wobbled in the wind, the people became enraged.

In the viral video, the new mom balances a dog, 2 full shopping carts and an infant — an overwhelming scenario for anyone. The “Vibe” singer says, “Instead of that lady recording me, she could have helped me.”

Christian says she attempted to contact her baby’s father for help, but he ignored her calls.

The singer said, “I’m calling my baby daddy. Is he helping? No.”

Maybe this is why Blue wasn’t critical of Chrisean’s “carrier crisis” but says his baby mama has to step up even when he’s not present.

In addition, the entertainer shared that she is undeniably obsessed with being a boy mom but overwhelmed nonetheless.

“I mean, this mommy sh*t is cool, man but your mind is racing 36/8, hours a day. Then transitioning to being everything in my…I don’t know. It’s overwhelming,” she admitted.

“I love my baby. He’s a good baby,” she added.

She concluded her selfie video by stating, “Everybody makes mistakes. Period.”

Rap superstar Cardi B. reminded Chrisean of the importance of making time for yourself as a new mom via TMZ.

“Whenever you start to feel like emotional. That means you might not think it’s postpartum but it’s postpartum. So when that happens, go outside, take a breather…”

“When you’re a new mom, the new schedule overwhelms you.  So just do something that calms you down that’s peaceful.”

Although Chrisean says she couldn’t connect with Blueface, something changed between the “toxic exes.”

See what Chrisean said about renaming her son after Blueface after the jump!

Chrisean Plans To Name Baby Boy After Blueface

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Despite claiming to have minimal parental support from Blue, she decided that her son should be named after his father.

Who cares if he’s a little deadbeat-ish, although Chrisean vehemently denies the “Thothianna” rapper fits the description.

The high-energy mommy explained her decision during an Instagram livestream on September 20.

“If we lived in a perfect f*cking world, he would be named after his father but we don’t live in a perfect f*cking world so he’s named after me.”

In the Live chat, a commenter asked if she was going to change his name and she replied, “Yes, I’m changing his name”.

“I was f*cking with the Chrisean though,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m sayin’ like he has two sons and neither one of them are Juniors, so I feel like — I mean, I was gonna name my kid after Blue. It’s just like, ya’ll knew what the f*ck was going on.”

“I want it to be Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr.” Chrisean added.

On letting go of past hurt Blue has caused she said, “I can’t stay mean forever. I’m a very forgiving person. Plus, that’s my baby daddy.”

She admitted, “Everything I do don’t make sense but it make sense for me.”

Yeah, ’cause we definitely don’t get it girl.

Fans initially supported the “Lonely” singer’s decision to give her first child her name as it seemed she was finally gaining independence from Blue, her on-again, off-again toxic boyfriend.

One Instagram user said, “Yea I’m done with her .. he brainwashed her bad.”

Another added, “& so when you hate him again you’re gonna change it again ? A joke. Poor baby!”

Chrisean and Blue are the train wreck that everyone loves to watch, but there’s a bambino involved now, so the petty pair needs to mature and stop playing with that baby’s name and top.

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