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Things got messy on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac when a newbie clashed with a vet over some serious shrine allegations.


Nneka X Wendy, Nneka Ihim, Wendy Osefo

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

On Sunday, viewers saw Nneka Ihim clash with Dr. Wendy Osefo over claims that the professor’s mom is a “witch” who submitted her name to a shrine.

The two women who are both Igbo Nigerians have been a hot topic of conversation amid Ashley Darby admitting to “misconstruing” a conversation she and Nneka had about Wendy allegedly being Osu, or part of an outcast tribe.

Nneka also alleged that two weeks prior to coming face to face with Wendy at Ashley’s housewarming, a phone call happened between Dr. Wendy’s mom, Wendy’s sister, and Nneka’s cousin-in-law. The cousin, Lebe, said that Wendy’s sister, Ivy, called her and alleged that Nneka was using the professor’s name to clout chase.

After getting off the phone with Ivy, Lebe alleged that she then received a call from Dr. Wendy’s mom who threatened to put a hex on her via a shrine.
During the show, Nneka recapped the alleged actions of the “upset and aggressive” family to her husband, Dr. Ikenna.

“It seemed like he, she sister and her mom, were trying to prevent me from interacting with these women,” said Nneka.

“Maybe instead of them seeing you as a fellow Nigerian, they see you as a Nigerian who wants to take someone’s spot,” said Dr. Ikenna.

Later in the conversation, the attorney also alleged that right after Wendy’s mom made the shrine comment, Wendy’s hubby Eddie Osefo unfollowed her husband on Facebook despite them both being University of Maryland College Park alumni and interacting in an African group on campus.

“It sounds like Wendy wears the skirt and the pants in that house,” said Nneka.

Nneka Ihim And Dr. Wendy Osefo Clash Over Alleged Shrine Threat

Later in the episode, Karen Huger brought the group together for a game of pickleball. After sparring on the court, the housewives sat down to chat and that’s when things went left.



Source: Graeme Jennings / Bravo

After Ashley admitted again to “delivering the message wrong” when it came to the Osu convo, Nneka confronted the Johns Hopkins professor for “having a problem with her.”

“I heard and I’m aware of the phone calls that your sister made to my in-law about me being part of this group,” said Nneka. “And I’m aware of the phone call that your mom made to my in-law saying that she submitted my name to a shrine. And threatening to send my in-law’s name to a shrine.”

“Your mom said those things,” she added. “Your sister called Lebe, and you were on the other line.”

Wendy looked stunned by the accusation and alleged that Nneka was “switching up her story” before Nneka tried to clarify and “clear the “s***.”

“So, clear it the f*** up,” retorted Wendy.

“I’m clearing it up, b****!” replied Nneka. “What the f*** are you talking about?!”


Source: Graeme Jennings / Bravo

The conversation then escalated to Nneka alleging that she had a screenshot of the convo which was shown during the episode and Wendy alleging that Nneka was a “hater.”

“It’s a flop! It’s a flop!” said Wendy.

The shade didn’t stop there, however, Nneka’s husband Ikenna also decided to confront Wendy’s husband Eddie about him allegedly unfollowing him on Facebook.

“Eddie, what’s up with that?” he asked. “What am I doing on Facebook? When did I unfollow you on Facebook? I just met you today,” replied Eddie.
You’re saying you were never friends on Facebook, bro?” asked the doctor before urging Eddie to say it with his chest.

Meanwhile, Wendy quipped in a confessional that “if somebody doesn’t remember you, then maybe you’re not memorable” and Nneka ended the episode with a bang.

“Your mom is a witch!” she said.

As you can imagine, #RHOP watches had a lot to say about the convo and Dr. Wendy even entered the chat.

What do YOU think about this #RHOP beef brewing between Nneka Ihim and Dr. Wendy Osefo?

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