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The professor is here and she’s speaking on a messy moment in The Real Housewives of Potomac trailer when she was doused in alcohol.

Dr. Wendy Osefo is openly addressing a season 7 clash with Mia Thornton that sent #RHOP fans into a tizzy—even though the season’s yet to even air.

Mia Vs Wendy : Real Housewives of Potomac

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As previously reported viewers saw a shocking moment in the trailer when Mia splashed the contents of her martini glass in Dr. Wendy’s face. The ladies were apparently filming at Peter Thomas‘ Bar One Miami restaurant when Mia casually chucked the contents of her glass at Wendy.

After several people reacted to the martini moment and praised Mia…



Wendy hinted that they were doing so because of colorism. Mind you, Wendy’s previously taken issue with herself and fellow melanated #RHOP star Candiace Dillard being labeled “aggressive” while their lighter-skinned counterparts get passes for their behavior.


Now Dr. Wendy’s speaking out further, and encouraging viewers to watch what happens this season very closely.

Dr. Wendy Osefo Hints That Mia Thornton’s Miami Martini Glass Moment Was Unprovoked

The Real Housewife was a recent guest on Yahoo’s “In The Know” to discuss her new book “Tears Of My Mother.” While there, she told host Gibson Johns that viewers need to take a close look at what happens with Mia when that martini moment airs.

“I would tell the viewers to pay very close attention to her from the beginning,” said Dr. Wendy on “In The Know.”  “And see if that action matched the words. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t. And that’s why if you pay attention to the trailer, Karen is so relaxed and calm. Because there was nothing there.”

“It kind of comes from nowhere a little bit for you…” responded John.

“Exactly. Because if there was something tense—you know Karen. She’s not in any mess. She would have probably gotten up, or walked away, or she would have been like this. But you can tell from her demeanor completely that this is not anything,” she added while noting that they were just having a calm dinner. Pay very close attention.”


In addition to speaking on her issue with Mia, Dr. Wendy also dished on a trailer moment when she tried to extend an olive branch to Gizelle after THAT “God’s payback” pummeling from season 6.


Source: Bravo 

Dr. Wendy Osefo Says She Tried To Extend An Olive Branch To Gizelle Bryant In Season 7

Apparently, during this new season of #RHOP, viewers will also see Dr. Wendy try to make peace with Gizelle Bryant.

If you can recall, Wendy went viral after she obliterated Gizelle Bryant for repeating a rumor that her hubby Eddie was cheating.

Wendy said that Gizelle’s current situation was God’s payback for her actions and Gizelle sat stone-faced during the read.

Later during the #RHOP Reunion, Gizelle said she was simply “looking out for” Wendy when she brought up the rumor but Wendy didn’t buy it.

Now in the #RHOP season 7 trailer, Wendy’s seen trying to speak to and hug Gizelle but Gizelle quickly tells her fellow housewife; “No touching!”

According to Wendy, she wasn’t surprised that that happened.

“I am at the place where, you know, we had the reunion. We said our our piece, she sees it from one way,” said Wendy on “In The Know.” “I see it from another. And I– I’ve moved on from it. I’m not harping on it. So my gesture was an olive branch, like you know, and then in true form, no touching. I’m like, OK, girl!” she added.

“Who knows what the future holds with me and her, at this point, I’m like, girl, all right.”

What do YOU think about Dr. Wendy teasing #RHOP season 7?



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