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Deion Sanders - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys

Deion Sanders – Source: Cooper Neill / Getty

Deion Sanders offers his opinion on the Florida State playoff debacle and shows support for the committees picking Alabama.

On Sunday, December 3, the college sports world was flipped upside down thanks to the College Football Playoff reveal. After going undefeated all season Florida State wasn’t selected while 1 loss Alabama and Texas strolled right into the top 4. Instantly outrage came from all FSU fans despite knowing they were down to their third-string QB and probably couldn’t beat any of the top 4. One FSU fan who doesn’t seem to mind the committee’s choice is Deion Sanders according to The Daily Mail.

While on Dan Le Batard’s show, Deion addressed the question no one employed in college football can escape and revealed his feelings on the playoff mayhem.

“A lot of people don’t look at it as business. I look at it as this is entertainment, but this is business,” Sanders said. “So there’s no way you’re going to leave Coach Saban in Alabama out of a playoff.”

“Who should be really upset? Not only Florida State, but [Georgia head coach] Kirby Smart. He’s been number one for the last two years or three years, and they’re out. What about them? I mean, this is unbelievable. I want those problems. Give me those problems.”

Sanders then turned his attention to the fan aspect and how exciting the playoffs will be this year. Additionally, he mentions how next year when the playoff expands from 4 to 12 teams things like this won’t happen.

However, with a 12-team playoff system, we know all too well that new problems will arise.

“You got Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Washington. And [Washington] can play. God, they’re good. I mean, they can flat out play.”

“They got a quarterback that’s out of this world. The defense is coming. This is made for TV. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. But leaving out of Florida State as well as Georgia – my God, that’s why I’m thankful it’s increased next year.”

This situation has gotten so out of hand that politicians are now getting involved such as Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. Also, Donald Trump chimed in to poke fun at this happening to a college in DeSantis’ state. However, for what it’s worth as Stephen A. Smith pointed out if FSU hired Deion Sanders when he wanted the job this wouldn’t have happened.

Under no circumstance would the CFP committee snub Deion with all the hype and attention he brings.


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