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Rick Ross - Kenzo 'The Realest Real' film premiere, New York Fashion Week, USA - 12 Sep 2016

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While streaming with influencer Adin Ross, Rick Ross broke a chair but reminded everyone that he’s wealthy.

Celebrities are in a weird space right now where the platforms with the most eyeballs are livestreamers. In previous years, celebs would do interviews with a journalist to garner press, but now fans anticipate their sit-downs with streamers where they let their personality shine through lest they become an afterthought. The latest artist to pull up to a livestream is the “biggest boss” Rick Ross, who sat down with online streamer Adin Ross before having a live mishap.

Complex reports that while Rozay attempted to get comfortable for the stream, he broke his chair in the process. Of course, that moment would be embarrassing for any big man, but Ross played it off by flexing.

“Hol’ on. I just broke the chair,” Ross said. “Pockets too heavy. Heavyweight,” he flexed. “I just broke the f**kin’ leg. Ain’t nobody else ever done that, huh?” to which Adin replied, “It’s because you got too much money in your pockets.”

Ross simply responded, “I’m heavyweight. Biggest.”

In the video, you can see this helped break the ice between the two who eventually covered many topics including addiction. Both of them candidly said they had a previous addiction to Lean, and Ross told Adin that he believed that’s where his history of seizures comes from.

“It’s not good for you. I went hard with sipping lean, [for a] long time. It’s the reason why I believe I have seizures now. [I’m] still on seizure medication right now. I used to stay up two or three days at a time,” said Ross.

Ultimately, the unusual pairing provided great content for the viewers, and hopefully their honest conversation about drugs can help the younger viewers avoid making the same mistakes.


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