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This is no laughing matter, to say the least.

Kevin Hart pleaded with a judge to approve a temporary restraining order against Tasha K that would require her to remove an interview with his ex-assistant, Miesha Shakes. A video the comedienne claims is riddled with defamatory claims.

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According to documents secured by Radar Online, Kevin stated his career and reputation were on the line in a declaration filed in conjunction with his lawsuit. The NACCP Image Award winner sued Tasha K last month after she posted the interview with his former assistant.

The 44-year-old asserted Miesha fabricated much of the information she shared, in addition to Tasha K attempting to blackmail him. Kevin stated that before the messy media maven released the video on her YouTube channel, an unknown individual contacted him on behalf of Tasha.

Kevin claims the person requested $250,000 in exchange for not posting the video. The father of four refused to tolerate extortion and contacted law enforcement. Kevin’s lawyer then sent Tasha a cease and desist letter.

However, she ignored it and posted the interview despite the lawful request. The funny little man responded with a lawsuit for defamation and civil extortion.

The lawsuit stated, “[Tasha] has an established history of posting defamatory and otherwise improper content regarding celebrities.”

Kevin Hart Files A Restraining Order Against Tasha K & Miesha Shakes To Save His Career

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The newly filed declaration claims the actor’s career is in jeopardy due to the alleged false claims.

Kevin wrote, “Working in the entertainment industry, my livelihood depends in large part on my reputation and the public’s perception of me. That perception is of particular concern in light of the fact that I am involved in a number of family-oriented projects, such as the Jumanji franchise, FatherhoodCaptain Underpants, the Secret Life of Pets, and others.”

The film producer added, “I also endorse various national brands, and those endorsement deals depend in part on a public perception of my reputation, respectability, and character.”

The declaration revealed Hart employed Miesha from August 2017 to October 2020. He shared that as part of her exit agreement, he would compensate her $30k annually and provide health insurance for three years.

He continued, “After my refusal to pay, the interview was published. After its publication, I watched the interview and saw that, in addition to discussing private matters in breach of the NDA, Shakes made statements about me that were simply false, including that I supposedly made a secret video recording of a sexual encounter and faced criminal charges regarding that supposed incident.

He adamantly added, “I did not record any such video, and I have never faced criminal charges in connection with that alleged incident or any related matters.”

The voice actor is awaiting a judge’s ruling for the temporary restraining order.

Tasha can’t seem to escape court as this lawsuit comes on the heels of Cardi B’s. As BOSSIP previously reported, Cardi B is attempting to collect on a $4 million ruling owed to her by Tasha K.  The rapper sued the blogger for defamation in 2019. She claimed the wanna-be Wendy Williams enacted a “malicious campaign” against her to damage her reputation.

Tasha contended the rapstress was a “prostitute,” contracted multiple sexually transmitted diseases, and alleged her drug use likely caused her daughter Kulture to have “intellectual disabilities.”

The blogger filed for bankruptcy, but Bardi didn’t buy it and moved forward in her pursuit to get paid.

Tasha didn’t learn her lesson the first time, so it seems Cardi and Kev will get the last laugh.


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