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Tasha K tried it! The villainous vlogger may not be too broke for Bardi after all because Cardi B claims she found accounts Tasha hid in their bankruptcy battle.

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Cardi B may have a lot going on in her personal and professional life, but she’s never too busy to come for her coins or Tasha K’s head. Cardi is doubling down on her efforts to collect the $4 million settlement she won in a defamation lawsuit.

Tasha declared she was a member of Broke Phi Broke when she filed for bankruptcy, but that didn’t wipe out her debt to the rapper. The “WAP” star seemed close to showing mercy to her unapologetic opp, but she’s not letting up anymore. RadarOnline reports Cardi thinks Tasha has multiple domestic and offshore trusts she failed to disclose in bankruptcy court.

The embattled blogger seemingly tried to hide from the smoke by fleeing overseas. Now, Cardi is making money moves in court to prove whether Tasha stashed her cash abroad, too.

Cardi B Files Motion To Enforce Subpoena Related To Tasha K’s Suspected Hidden Trusts

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RadarOnline acquired the documents the “Bongos” rapper filed to request the court enforce a subpoena of a woman named Patricia Haynes. Cardi claims Haynes ducked and dodged subpoenas because she may hold the key to Tasha’s alleged trusts.

“Unfortunately, neither the Debtor nor her husband Cheickna Kebe have been truthful regarding the existence of both offshore and domestic trusts created for them. Specifically, Debtor’s schedules do not reveal the existence of any trusts,” Cardi’s recent motion stated.

When directly questioned  in court about establishing trusts for her children, Tasha claimed, “I don’t even have trusts.”

However, “during the course of discovery” in the bankruptcy proceedings, Cardi said she uncovered “the existence of multiple domestic and offshore trusts that were not disclosed, including at least one trust to which it appears $30,000 was transferred.”

Cardi says Tasha allegedly “failed to disclose the existence of and/or testified untruthfully about the following” — The Sambakessi Investment Trust (Cook Islands), Soninkes LLC (Island of Nevis), The Bamako Trust (Kebe Children ILT) (Georgia), Transrina Management Trust (Georgia), and the Florida Joint Revocable Living Trust.”

Cardi won a $4 million defamation suit for emotional distress caused by unfounded accusations on Tasha’s YouTube channel. Tasha claimed Cardi abused hard drugs, used to work as an escort, and had an STD.

After a judge allowed Cardi to seize Tasha’s property to satisfy the debt, the social media troll filed for Chapter 11. Tasha claimed to only have about $60,000 in assets and $95 in her checking account.

Now Cardi’s legal team asserts, “Because neither the Debtor nor her husband Cheickna Kebe have testified truthfully regarding the existence of their trusts, Movant is forced to seek information regarding them elsewhere, including from Ms. Haynes – who is inexplicably and obviously attempting to evade service, even though she clearly has actual notice of the Subpoena.”

If this is true, the Grammy winner snatching that settlement money like Deebo might be the least of Tasha’s concerns. Concealing this kind of thing could only get her in more legal trouble, but that didn’t stop Tasha from FAFO before.

The judge has not yet ruled on Cardi B’s motion.


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