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Following Usher’s candid Confessions about his ex Chilli rejecting his marriage proposal, the R&B baddie is reportedly unbothered and swirling her best life with new boo Matthew Lawrence.

Matthew Lawrence x Chilli Thomas x Usher Raymond

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Like the rest of social media, Chilli supposedly side-eyed Usher’s claim that her rejection broke his heart. Insiders told TMZ  that she couldn’t care less about her ex’s admissions. The former TLC singer is too busy on a romantic rendezvous in Jamaica to celebrate Mattew’s 44th birthday.

Usher is probably headed for a honeymoon with his new wife, Jenn Goicoechea. Meanwhile, Chilli is almost one step ahead of him, laid up with her love on a beautiful beach. Chilli and Matt spent the past several days at Sandals Dunn’s River Resort. According to the couple’s Instagram Stories, they were cuddling, dancing, and exchanging kisses on the getaway.

Chilli didn’t want a ring from her iconic ex, but that’s mainly because she reportedly takes those vows very seriously. Marriage isn’t even a consideration for her until she’s sure that she and her partner are both ready to go the distance. Usher told People that when the woman of his dreams curved him in 2004, it “broke [his] heart.”

“I was a young man, and she had very specific rules that didn’t work for me. We were missing each other. I really did want to have a different type of relationship where she was there with me, and she couldn’t be. She didn’t believe that I was actually in love with her as much as I was,” Usher revealed.

“I wanted to marry her. I proposed and she told me no. I went through a great deal of pain after that, not trusting women or wanting to open up.”

“I hurt her, too,” he added, but says Chilli turning him down “broke my heart.”

Many social media users clocked that Usher was unserious in blaming Chilli for his problems with women when he cheated on her back in the day. He clearly moved past his commitment issues to tie the knot after his Super Bowl Half-Time Show performance.

While the “Waterfalls” singer doesn’t plan to “hop into a commitment,” things are getting serious with Matthew. As BOSSIP previously reported, the couple is already exploring having kids in the future.

Matthew Lawrence And Chilli At The All-New Sandals Dunn's River

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The lovebirds met on a flight to Atlanta and quickly hit it off. They started dating in November 2022, shortly after Mattew’s divorce from Cheryl Burke. The couple made it Instagram official on New Year’s Eve 2022 in matching onesies.

Matthew Lawrence And Chilli At The All-New Sandals Dunn's River

Source: John Parra / Getty

Congratulations to both happy couples!


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