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Mase In Perth- Shannon Attends Netflix Screening

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Mase recently responded to Shannon Sharpe’s “fake pastor” shade and cautioned him that he “isn’t the one to play with.”

Shannon Sharpe has ascended to the top of the media world thanks in part to his successful Club Shay Shay podcast and when you’re on top of your game, people will throw stones and offer opinions on your every move.

Now after patching things up with Mike Epps during NBA All-Star Weekend, Shannon Sharpe has a new feud brewing.

According to Complex, Mase is the latest to take issue with him and he’s promising not to let up as easily as the comedian did last week.


During a recent episode of It Is What It Is with his co-host Cam’ron, Mase responded to Sharpe calling him a “fake pastor” and didn’t hold back.

“Your boy chose to target me about the sets and the working out, and all that, he called me a fake pastor and all that,” Mase said with a laugh. “I don’t wanna say his name… When we were talking about the dips and the sets and all of that, and Mike Epps.”

“He called me a fake pastor,” Mase explained. “I wanted to tell him… Listen, Shannon. I’m not the one to play with. Matter of fact, I’m not even going to take that road, I’m going to take a different road with you. Listen, let me start with respect, and let me end with class, okay? You started out being very aggressive with Ja Morant’s pops at a Laker game. If you are for Black people, this is not the way to carry yourself.”

Mase went on to allege that he’s a frequent target of slander because Cam’ron is seen as a “tough” guy and he isn’t, but he stressed to Shannon Sharpe that he’s actually “really like that.”

Still, despite Mase warning Sharpe to tread lightly, he ultimately said that he didn’t want them to have beef.

“I respect you and I do not want to go there with you,” said Mase.

“We might gotta call up big homie Stephen A. Smith to resolve this, man,” his co-host Cam’ron added.

“He made a statement about me being a fake gangster, it didn’t really, pause, rub me the wrong way,” Mase continued. “As a Disney client, gangster is not something to talk about. So let’s just leave that out. … I would tell him, even for your spiritual comment, that was ignorant because if you know anything about faith, all the people that were apostles and pastors, they died horrific deaths. … So it’s as gangster as you could be when it talks about doing for others and being tough, so you just need to be educated, you know?”

Ultimately both Mase and Shannon Sharpe are doing a great job pushing the limits of sports media so this beef is a waste of time. We would much rather see them working together.

You can watch the full episode of It Is What It Is below.



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