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On The Tamron Hall Show, “Who TF Did I Marry?” creator Reesa Teesa addresses backlash and bullying like Charlamagne Tha God calling her story “big back behavior.”

Reesa Teesa Appears On The Tamron Hall Show

Source: ABC/Jeff Neira / Tamron Hall

The TikToker became an overnight sensation when everybody and their mama tuned into the 50-part saga about her super shady ex. The twists and turns of the scam-a-thon spread like wildfire, but so did “hurtful” comments about the victim, whose real name is Teresa Johnson.

On the upcoming March 4 episode of The Tamron Hall Show, Reesa opens up about the aftermath of her online fame. As usual, internet skeptics accused her of “clout chasing” once the story gained popularity.

Reesa Teesa Appears On The Tamron Hall Show

Source: ABC/Jeff Neira / Tamron Hall

The social media sensation said the comments that hurt the most claimed she deserved the mistreatment because of her looks and size. Reesa noted a TikTok asserting that “she does not look like what a VP would date.” Even worse, a famous personality she left unnamed called her a “big back” to mock her weight.

“I can already admit I’m self-conscious as a heavier woman. I feel like how I look should not dictate whether or not I deserve what happened,” she said. “I’m more than just my weight.”

Reesa Teesa Appears On The Tamron Hall Show

Source: ABC/Jeff Neira / Tamron Hall

Despite the disrespect, Reesa said the vulnerability was worth it for helping others. Both men and women have approached her with gratitude for sharing her story.

Reesa hopes it serves as a cautionary tale for fellow hopeful romantics feeling impatient about finding love. For anyone choosing the fantasy of happily ever after over their instincts, she has a message:

“It costs nothing to verify, but if you don’t verify, honey, it may cost you everything.”

Watch the preview from Monday’s episode of Reesa Teesa on The Tamron Hall Show below.

Reesa didn’t identify Charlamagne Tha God as the one who insulted her on a major platform. She didn’t have to because social media clapped back at Lenard and Jess Hilarious’ body-shaming shade.

Check TS Madison dragging Charlamagne and Jess Hilarious’ “big back” bullying after the flip.

Charlamagne Tha God & Jess Hilarious Blame #WhoTFDidIMarry On “Big Back Behavior,” TS Madison Drags Breakfast Club Bullies

The 2023 Black Effect Podcast Festival

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Reesa already took accountability for missing the “United Nations of red flags” to rush into the marriage. She blamed her desire for a family and fear of being alone for letting the lies slide.

When The Breakfast Club discussed the series, Charlamagne forgot about his so-called mental health advocacy. According to The Daily Mail, social media put him on blast for blaming the ordeal on “big back behavior.”

“Did she have a big back? In a situation like this, some of you big backs, y’all gotta stop being so thirsty for a man. There is a man out there for you, okay,” he said.

“This woman believed all of this because she wanted to believe all of this. Big back belief isn’t like everybody else’s belief. She said it herself! ‘He said everything I wanted to hear.’ She wanted to believe whatever was coming out of his mouth because she wanted a man so bad.”

TS Madison led the charge on behalf of fellow “big back people.”

“#BigBack people……. (Including Me). Y’all letting Charlemagne get away with that? Or is we caving in his FACE?” she posted.

Jess Hilarious took the tweet as a threat, but Charlamagne laughed it off as a joke. He also denied saying Reesa specifically had a “big back,” like that made it any better.

TS Madison fired back, dragging the morning show hosts with no mercy. The Ru Paul’s Drag Race judge them a taste of their own medicine on her show, Phag Talk.

Jess tried to keep the same energy in response.

TS Madison took pity on her and dropped the beef. “I thought we was goin to hell… I’m not pressed about that response,” she wrote on a screenshot of a tweet calling a truce.

Do you think Charlamagne Tha God and Jess Hilarious went too far joking about Reesa Teesa?

What do you think of TS Madison’s “big back” clapbacks?

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