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Secure the Beyoncé bag, sis!

2022 New York City Pride March

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From viral Vines to confronting injustices against Black trans women, TS Madison is used to making an impact. Now ESSENCE reports the internet and TV star made history on Beyoncé’s chart-topping album, Renaissance.

The mag reports that with the track “Cozy,” Madison and producer Honey Dijon became the first Black trans women with a top 40 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100.

With that, Madison spoke out in an interview with Mikell Stree and discussed securing the bag while remaining authentic. 

Beyoncé Gave Credit Where Credit Is Due To TS Madison

Renaissance is not only a celebration of Black cultures and the embodiment of radical joy, it’s a love letter to Black queer trailblazers who give so much to the mainstream but get little in return.

“I want every trans person out there who is reading or hearing my story; I want them to know that it’s not where you start but where you finish,” Madison shared.

While Azealia Banks, Kelis, and Diane Warren sparked controversial conversations about Renaissance, the samples are more than an homage. Madison says Beyoncé and Honey Dijon ensured she received the credit and the coins on “Cozy.” The TS Madison Experience star and executive producer even retained her rights to the video.

“So I finally sat down and read the emails and Leggra, my manager, went and got the numbers from them and it was like a number and then zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. Then, not only were there all these zeros but it said percent of streaming and a percent of pure sales,” she told ESSENCE. “I was like, ‘OH, THIS BEYONCÉ!'” she said about signing off on the sample.

Before Madison’s friend hinted that her voice was a hit when it was previewed at a club in Croatia, she admired Big Freedia’s collaboration on “Break My Soul.” The high-energy house music hit was Freedia’s second time on a Beyoncé lead single after “Formation.” Madison’s dream of having a similar platform turned out better than she imagined.

“It’s so crazy because I remember when “Break My Soul” came out, which was like a month before and I said, ‘You know I love Big Freedia and she always gets to work with Beyonce and her voice is so powerful,” she confessed. “My voice is powerful too and I would love if one day I can work with her.’ You just never know how things line up.”

TS Madison’s Voice On Cozy Was In Reaction To George Floyd

The 2020 “I’m Black, b***h” video was Madison’s response to George Floyd’s murder and the assault of Black trans woman Iyanna Dior. Millions untied against racism and police brutality for Floyd, but the transphobic mob violence against Dior, a Black trans woman, didn’t inspire the same solidarity.

“We as Black trans people know that it’s our responsibility to stand up and fight against the injustice against George Floyd,” Madison reflected to ESSENCE. “But Iyanna Dior is a trans woman who was beaten in the same city, in the same week almost, and everybody was blaming her for being trans and all of these Black people were beating her in the store.”

While many dismiss LGBTQ+ activism as a distraction from pro-Black movements, Madison reminded the world that the struggles and identities are inseparable.

“I was just so sick of people not understanding that I’m Black. I don’t want to hear anything about this LGBTQIA stuff in this moment of Blackness. It’s not separate; I’m that and Black at the same time.”

She continued, “I’m so tired of us being beat as Black people and then getting drug as trans or gay people. We don’t have anyone to support us and they actually are rallying for us to be killed but when are we not Black? When are we not Black?!”

Like Beyoncé, the Maddie in the Morning host always has something in the works. With a TV show, podcasts, and movies under her belt, there’s no limit to what Madison has in the pipeline. Fans can look forward to her starring in the upcoming film, Bros.


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