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Shannon Sharpe & AB

Source: Johnny Nunez/ Kevin Mazur / Johnny Nunez/ Kevin Mazur

Antonio Brown continues his social media trolling, this time attacking Shannon Sharpe’s sexuality based on a viral video.

Former NFL Player Antonio Brown has spent most of the year on social media trolling other athletes under his #CTESPN brand. Noone is off limits and most of them tend to ignore him and focus on their game. His latest target however is the most likely to respond and give him a piece of their mind.

According to SportsKeeda, AB is now commenting on Shannon Sharpe’s sexuality all because of a viral TikTok video.

Over the weekend, Shannon Sharpe posted a video on social media promoting his liquor Le Portier outside of Total Wine. Shannon Sharpe has had several hip surgeries that affect his gait and it’s part of the price he paid to be one of the best tight-ends of all time.

According to AB, however, the way Sharpe was walking looked “gay” and he emphasized that with hashtags and the word “rainbow” with a matching emoji.

When he saw that his trolling was gaining traction, AB doubled down.

Antonio Brown’s words come after Mike Epps questioned Shannon Sharpe’s sexuality leading to a messy back and forth. Eventually, the two found common ground, but with AB things could be different.

Considering that Shannon Sharpe live-streams lmost every other day with Chad Ochocinco, we expect him to respond soon.

However, if Sharpe ignores Brown we don’t blame him. Reactions to Shannon Sharpe’s viral video are continuing to roll in and the ones that don’t question his sexuality seem harmless and hilarious.

Do YOU think Shannon Sharpe should respond to Antonio Brown?


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