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The City Girls have made amends after a nasty back-and-forth exploded between them on X, but social media’s still buzzing about their super shady city spat and wondering whether the Florida rap duo is over, periooodt.

Yung Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee, took to X on April 8 to make things right with JT after she accused the former of “sneak dissing” her for weeks.

“Jatavia. I love you. I’m moving on!” she penned along with a few heart emojis.

JT replied to the sweet message writing;

“I love you more. I actually love you the most!”

While their argument concluded amicably, the duo’s social media spat still has fans questioning if their friendship is still intact.

JT And Yung Miami Went At It Amid Accusations Of Sneak Dissing & Jealousy

On Monday afternoon, Miami, 30, sent eyebrows raising across X when she accused JT of “sneak dissing” her for weeks on end.

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“I ain’t say sh*t what a b*tch mad at me fa?????!!!!!!” the “50/50” rapper wrote. “I ain’t jealous of a soul. l’m always like go b*tch go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY !! It ain’t a b*tch I haven’t shown love to!!!!!!”

JT quickly reshared the post and aired out her grievances with the Caresha Please podcast host. The “Sideways” hitmaker accused her groupmate of playing dumb and hinted that Miami may have been jealous of her success. She called for a sit down with the femcee so that she could explain her feelings in-depth.

“I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack sh*t to this girl. She literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it!,” JT wrote. “It’ll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit-down…. Caresha please! And this time leave [Saucy] Santana home!”

The duo’s argument intensified when Miami wrote that she continued to show love to JT after she released her solo tracks “Sideways” and “No Bars,” which she believed were diss tracks aimed at her.


JT wasn’t trying to hear what Miami had to say. The rapper accused the Florida native of “attention seeking” and slammed her for failing to voice her concerns about the alleged diss tracks.

“Girl the internet told you that which songs was about you the one saying ‘it’s city girl sh*t even when it ain’t city girl sh*t’ that was released under city girls or the one that say riding solo but l’m still in a group?” JT clapped back. “Get your phone back from whoever this is baby don’t play with me!”

“Oh wow you’re really lsoing it!” JT added about the tracks. “If you thought this why not speak to me about it? You came on here & said LOL so ppl can ask you why you wasn’t defedning me…ATTENTION seeking as usual!”

Before their eventual reconciliation, Miami, who recently denied being one of Diddy’s paid sex workers as alleged in a new lawsuit, criticized JT for not contacting her when the allegations surfaced.


See JT’s response to that accusation on the flip.

JT did not take too kindly to the implication that she wasn’t supportive of Caresha amid the allegations.

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The rapper called her friend a “sad case” who was “trying to find a way out of her situatuon” before alleging that Miami did things “behind closed doors” that upset her.

“You never come to my defense when I would ve literally took a bullet for you! When [Caresha Please] popped off I was there 1st episode, & when someone canceled I showed up in a red wig! Keep calling me mad like the internet do but you know me my heart pump Gold! I wish you the best always & I love how fast you got on here behind [Saucy] Santana!”

Eventually, the two sent loving messages to each other to put a fork in their public feud…

but the Internet is still buzzing about what went down.

Rapper Plies tweeted about the “iconic females” beefing publicly…

and several City Girls fans began mourning Caresha and JT as a group.

Others also pointed out clips of the group that they think signaled the beginning of the end.

Do you think the City Girls will remain friends after this public spat or is it over, periooodt, for these two?

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