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Yo no wonder Laura beat this broads azz

If Draya apologizing to Laura on BBWLA was confusing to you, especially after being pummeled in an MMA ring then cussed out for neglecting her kid, this should help clear things up. “Reach Around Radio” broke the news that what was going on had nothing to do with Draya neglecting her son, and was actually more about her getting it popping in the locker room with Gilbert Arenas, aka Laura’s babydaddy x4! Oh and not just him either, Deshawn Stevenson and a third player who has so far managed to go unnamed…

Here’s Draya’s apology:

Yeah we can definitely see how this could’ve been edited so that the REAL never actually gets revealed. Now it makes sense that she’d apologize or even say “I didn’t know I’d ever meet you.”

The Reach Out Radio clip is below — fast forward to the 1hr 44 minute mark for the juicy stuff

On last week’s episode when Draya was arguing with the rest of the women about the kid situation, come to find out that’s not what they were really arguing about. It was edited. Basically Laura was mad with Draya because she effed Gilbert Arenas. She did it at the stadium. And also Deshawn Stevenson the same night. She called her out on it. Gilbert is backing this story up. He may be telling it on the reunion show. He’s not denying it. He says he passed her on to his two homies the same day.

Damn! Gilbert was busting more than just his guns in the locker room??? Do you guys believe this?


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