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Nevermind ‘Best Week’, this guy is having the best LIFE ever!!

According to TMZ reports:

Banging Jennifer Lopez has some HUGE perks … (besides just banging Jennifer Lopez) … TMZ has learned her new boy toy is now driving around town in the pop star’s pimped out BENTLEY!!!

Sources close to Casper Smart tell us … the world’s most famous backup dancer isn’t just using the car to chauffeur his meal ticket around when she’s in L.A.. … he gets the car for personal use too.

Besides car privileges … dude has already flown across the world on a private jet … gone on tropical vacations … and as we previously mentioned, he gets to bang J.Lo.

Not bad for a 24-year-old, Mr. Smart.

Look at this lucky summama-beyotch…


We ain’t hatin’ we just sayin’. Well, maybe we hatin’ a lil, but damn how much better can life get!!

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