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Last week some leaked text messages painted a pretty clear picture about what Lebron James has been trying to do to a model named Carmen Ortega. Carmen, you may recall, was linked to Reggie Bush way back when Kim Kardashian discovered he’d cheated on her with the curvy Latina. We tracked Carmen down to find out what really happened between her and Lebron and also to get to the bottom of recent rumors that Jason Derulo cheated on Jordin Sparks with her. She had a lot to say about what she learned from the Reggie fiasco and the lies these guys tell to get some on the side!

BOSSIP: First things first, how did those text messages get out? A lot of people seemed to think they could be fake?

Carmen Ortega: I lost my phone in Ibiza, I was hanging out with my good friend Afrojack, we went to a club and my stuff was near the DJ booth and from what I’m hearing, everything was dramatic, next thing you know my phone was gone, I really think somebody took my phone… And yes, those were real texts from Lebron, you can verify the number if you want. I have no reason to make it up.

BOSSIP: So how did you meet Lebron?

CO: I actually met Lebron when I was in a relationship. Me and my ex just broke up about a month and a half ago, I met Lebron six months before that in Miami. I didn’t even know who he was. I was with my best friend, he sent guys to my table to get my number and join him at his table. I never went to the table I was like ‘Nah I’m good I’m fine here.’ Towards the end of the night my friend was like ‘I gave Lebron your number.’ I was like ‘Why would you do that I have a boyfriend, you should never give my number out without asking.’So the next morning I get a text message, like “Good seeing you, I wish you would have joined my table, something something L James”. It didn’t even click at the moment and then it clicked later, and I responded “Nice meeting you, thanks for offering to join you at the table.”

Later he kept texting me I guess trying to initiate a friendship and I was very direct like ‘I have a boyfriend I’m not interested in anybody other than that I’m exclusive to him and out of respect to him we shouldn’t talk.’ He was like “no worries.”

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Then me and my ex broke up a month and a half ago and I was in Miami and I texted him telling him I was in Miami. He said he wasn’t in Miami wouldn’t be there until a certain date, around the Espy’s. I got back to LA the Thursday after the ESPY’s… It was the day before he left, the 18th or the 19th and he was like come to dinner with me and my friends. I was like you know what I don’t think I want to go out like that because me and my ex just broke up and I don’t want to seen with any guys. I still respect and don’t want to be seen with guys, he was like no it’s not like that I’m with a big group. It was at Mastro’s me and my girlfriend went, it was maybe one teammate and some of his friends he grew up with. We all went to dinner at a private room at Mastro’s. It was real friendly. I know obviously that Lebron has been trying with me on that level. I even sent him a text like I heard you were engaged and he denied it like don’t believe everything you read. So that’s why I was leery. I don’t really know your situation, he was like no worries it’s private. It was cool we had dinner and invited us to hang at the hotel I was like maybe I will, his friends were like come join us, I honestly was going ot but I was like you know I can’t confirm his situation so I don’t feel comfortable.

BOSSIP: How was he acting during dinner?

CO: During dinner he was trying to hug me, trying to bring me closer to him. Basically, trying to be a little more than friends. He put his arm around me brought me closer to him, I was sitting there uncomfortable. I didn’t care if it was private or not I didn’t know the situation. I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends so I played it off, It made me feel like cheap. I don’t like looking like this, it’s not cool. Even if it’s his childhood friends. It was offensive to me, him having a girl and doing that in front of his friends it made me feel terrible. And when it was time to go he wanted us to leave out of separate doors, like ‘You leave out the front I’ll leave out the back.’

BOSSIP: When you said in the text message that you wished he was single…

CO: If he was single I would probably give him the time of day, of course. But the fact that I’ve already been in a situation like that, never again! Reggie lied to me but I’m not a little girl anymore. I’d never want to be number 2 again. I’ve been there, done that. Now I have standards and I would never accept that.

Hit the flip for more from Carmen about what Lebron had to say when she asked him about his engagement to Savannah!

BOSSIP: What did Lebron say when you asked him about being engaged?

Carmen: I didn’t even know about Lebron being engaged, I literally sent him a screengrab like ‘What is this? and he was like ‘Don’t believe everything you read.’ The same thing happened with Reggie. I would go hang out at his house and drive his cars and it was like he was living two lives, he was playing the isht. out of me, I see the signs now, I know what it is.

BOSSIP: Do you think Savannah knows he hooks up with other women?

Carmen: I almost feel like Savannah does know. He made some comments before. I asked him straight up, just tell me what’s your situation, he was more like “I’m not on lockdown, it’s not even like that.”

Would you say anything to Savannah if you could?

I don’t think I would. You know why? I think she already knows. I think she knows and I think she does a blind eye. What can you do to somebody who is accepting it. She’s gonna go home to him either way, with me saying something or not, I’d look crazy saying some thing to her.

Throughout our interview Carmen maintained her innocence, claiming she learned from her experience with Reggie Bush how to spot the signs of a cheater and that kept her from becoming physical with Lebron. We also questioned her about her relationship with Jason Derulo since rumors recently emerged that the two had slept together after a late night studio session.

Hit the flip for her side of that story.

So what happened between you and Jason Derulo?

I worked with Jason Derulo, I was working with him until some drama stirred up with that. I think everyone makes assumptions if you’re in the studio with somebody or photographed. Me and Jason are just friends and just working together.

What did he tell you about his relationship with Jordin Sparks?

I kept going back and forth asking him ‘Are you with Jordin or are you not with Jordin?’ One day he’s like “we’re back together” the next he’d say “we’re not together.” He acted like they were on and off. With Jason I asked him about an interview where he said he and Jordin were discussing marriage and he told me, ‘It’s not even like that, we’re not that serious. I was like ‘You’re going on interviews and saying certain things’ and he was saying, ‘It’s all fake it’s just press.’

Carmen denied having an intimate relationship with Derulo but it was pretty clear from questioning her that his behavior hadn’t been the most faithful… We asked her what she would say to Jordin if given the opportunity.

What would you say to Jordin, would you advise her to continue dating him?

She seems like a good person and a good girl and that’s why I want nothing to do with that situation anymore because I look at it like what a piece of isht of a guy to be doing that to her for so long. She is really in love with him – I feel bad about it.

If I was in a room with Jordin, I would tell her straight up your man is not a good man for you. You are too good for him. I just feel like she’s being played really bad. Men in Hollywood, he’s not the only one, there’s a lot of them.

What was the fallout from the Reggie Bush situation?

The fallout was pretty bad. He saw me at a club in L.A. a year after that and he came up to me and tried to talk to me. He grabbed my arm and I was standing with the club owners and he was so upset because I wouldn’t give him the time of day. I ignored him, I was just sitting with the club owners and pretended he wasn’t even alive. It infuriated him. He tried to get me kicked out of an area, but I was sitting with the club owners. That situation made me look crazy and that’s why I’ll never go there again.

Why are these guys able to get away with this behavior?

I feel like these women know what they’re getting into. It’s almost sad to say they accept it because it’s part of the lifestyle and they turn a blind eye and accept it. I as a woman now with everything I’ve been through have higher standards and I don’t care if you’re Lebron James or you’re P Diddy I don’t care – if you’re cheating on me and you’re making me look like a fool behind my back I won’t stand for that. Even if we have kids, I won’t stand for it.

Poor Carmen. Do you believe her side of the story?


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