Bossip Exclusive: Carmen Ortega Says Lebron And Jason Derulo Lied About Their Relationships, But She Learned Her Lesson After Being Deceived By Reggie Bush!

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Photo of Lebron James leaving Mastro's on July 21st after dinner with Carmen and friends.

Photo of Lebron James leaving Mastro’s on July 21st after dinner with Carmen and friends.

Then me and my ex broke up a month and a half ago and I was in Miami and I texted him telling him I was in Miami. He said he wasn’t in Miami wouldn’t be there until a certain date, around the Espy’s. I got back to LA the Thursday after the ESPY’s… It was the day before he left, the 18th or the 19th and he was like come to dinner with me and my friends. I was like you know what I don’t think I want to go out like that because me and my ex just broke up and I don’t want to seen with any guys. I still respect and don’t want to be seen with guys, he was like no it’s not like that I’m with a big group. It was at Mastro’s me and my girlfriend went, it was maybe one teammate and some of his friends he grew up with. We all went to dinner at a private room at Mastro’s. It was real friendly. I know obviously that Lebron has been trying with me on that level. I even sent him a text like I heard you were engaged and he denied it like don’t believe everything you read. So that’s why I was leery. I don’t really know your situation, he was like no worries it’s private. It was cool we had dinner and invited us to hang at the hotel I was like maybe I will, his friends were like come join us, I honestly was going ot but I was like you know I can’t confirm his situation so I don’t feel comfortable.

BOSSIP: How was he acting during dinner?

CO: During dinner he was trying to hug me, trying to bring me closer to him. Basically, trying to be a little more than friends. He put his arm around me brought me closer to him, I was sitting there uncomfortable. I didn’t care if it was private or not I didn’t know the situation. I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends so I played it off, It made me feel like cheap. I don’t like looking like this, it’s not cool. Even if it’s his childhood friends. It was offensive to me, him having a girl and doing that in front of his friends it made me feel terrible. And when it was time to go he wanted us to leave out of separate doors, like ‘You leave out the front I’ll leave out the back.’


BOSSIP: When you said in the text message that you wished he was single…

CO: If he was single I would probably give him the time of day, of course. But the fact that I’ve already been in a situation like that, never again! Reggie lied to me but I’m not a little girl anymore. I’d never want to be number 2 again. I’ve been there, done that. Now I have standards and I would never accept that.

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