Bossip Exclusive: Carmen Ortega Says Lebron And Jason Derulo Lied About Their Relationships, But She Learned Her Lesson After Being Deceived By Reggie Bush!

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BOSSIP: What did Lebron say when you asked him about being engaged?

Carmen: I didn’t even know about Lebron being engaged, I literally sent him a screengrab like ‘What is this? and he was like ‘Don’t believe everything you read.’ The same thing happened with Reggie. I would go hang out at his house and drive his cars and it was like he was living two lives, he was playing the isht. out of me, I see the signs now, I know what it is.


BOSSIP: Do you think Savannah knows he hooks up with other women?

Carmen: I almost feel like Savannah does know. He made some comments before. I asked him straight up, just tell me what’s your situation, he was more like “I’m not on lockdown, it’s not even like that.”

Would you say anything to Savannah if you could?

I don’t think I would. You know why? I think she already knows. I think she knows and I think she does a blind eye. What can you do to somebody who is accepting it. She’s gonna go home to him either way, with me saying something or not, I’d look crazy saying some thing to her.

Throughout our interview Carmen maintained her innocence, claiming she learned from her experience with Reggie Bush how to spot the signs of a cheater and that kept her from becoming physical with Lebron. We also questioned her about her relationship with Jason Derulo since rumors recently emerged that the two had slept together after a late night studio session.

Hit the flip for her side of that story.

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