Racist Road Rage: Crazy Racist Woman Almost Crashes Her Car Then Goes Nuts On Driver! [Video]

Just like a woman driver… makes stupid move then acts like YOU are at fault.
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F**k A Racist Troll: White Man Rides Around Burned Down QT In Ferguson Calling Protesters N-Word “What If It Was A White Boy?” [Video]

“What if it was a white kid?” Idiot… police don’t kill innocent white kids!

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In Evil Racists News: The Klan Proposes “Shoot-To-Kill Immigrant Children” Policy [Video]

SMH @ The Klan rolling up in a Cruze talking about “follow us.”

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Brooklyn Supremacist Post Racist Messages Against Middle Eastern Islamist In Apt Complex [Video]

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Michelle Bachmann On Immigrant Children “They Are Invaders… Sexual Predators!” [Video]

Are you a subconscious racist against hispanics too?

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SMH: Klu Klux Klan Leaving Flyers On ATL Cars For Recruitment “Are You A Klansmen, But Don’t Know It?” [Video]

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