SMH: Racist Azz Ted Nugent Goes On Rant For His “Black Power 2013″ Tour Claiming Democrats Are The Blame For African-American Problems

ted nugent racist

The always out of pocket, racist, and shady azz washed up azz rocker, Ted Nugent, goes on yet another rant about the woes of black people. Continue »

Race Matters Across The Pond: Black Woman Whose Son Was Killed By Racist Gang In UK Says White Minority Groups Suffer From Racism As Well

doreen lawrence

Even 20 years after her son was killed by a racially-charged hate crime, Doreen Lawrence believes racism is still a major problem in Britain. Continue »

Racist Out Of Pocket White Kids “Plan To Apologize” For Wearing Derogatory ‘Blackout’ Costumes To Middle School Basketball Game

racist masks basketball game

The kids at Highland Hills Middle School in Indiana were told to wear “all black” to the basketball game so they thought it was a great idea to wear black ski masks, gorilla masks, and even an Obama mask to the game. Continue »

What The Hell??? Black Nursing Student Finds The Phrase “Dumb N***er” Next To Name In Online Grading System

erica hughes nursing student dumb n-word

SMH. Racists are just way out of pocket these days. Continue »

Disneyland Racist?? African-American Family To Sue Theme Park After Cast Member Refused To Hug Black Kids

racist rabbit

Another day, another racist theme park character… Continue »

High School Teacher Says “Michelle Obama’s A Fat Gorilla” And Goes On Gay Rant Receives Suspension Instead Of Firing [Audio-Video]

Continue »

Hate Crimes: 3 Men Prosecuted In California For Attack On Interracial Couple Because “A White Man Was With A Black Woman”

perry jackson, tyler, hammett

This is sad, but unfortunately a reality that we still deal with daily in America’s society… Continue »

Las Vegas Teacher Who Allowed Students To Dress Up In White Triple K Hoods And Robes For School Project Won’t Be Punished

white hood

It was just an “unfortunate incident” according to the school’s principal…. Continue »

Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Racist?? [Video]

Some people are calling this commercial racist, but what do you think? Continue »