Disneyland Racist?? African-American Family To Sue Theme Park After Cast Member Refused To Hug Black Kids

racist rabbit

Another day, another racist theme park character… Continue »

High School Teacher Says “Michelle Obama’s A Fat Gorilla” And Goes On Gay Rant Receives Suspension Instead Of Firing [Audio-Video]

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Hate Crimes: 3 Men Prosecuted In California For Attack On Interracial Couple Because “A White Man Was With A Black Woman”

perry jackson, tyler, hammett

This is sad, but unfortunately a reality that we still deal with daily in America’s society… Continue »

Las Vegas Teacher Who Allowed Students To Dress Up In White Triple K Hoods And Robes For School Project Won’t Be Punished

white hood

It was just an “unfortunate incident” according to the school’s principal…. Continue »

Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Racist?? [Video]

Some people are calling this commercial racist, but what do you think? Continue »

SMH: Attorney In Hate-Crime Case Defends Client Calling A Black Man A “F*****g N****r”…It’s Just A ‘Handy Insult’

donald frease

Really though??? This attorney is claiming that “hey, if someone is black calling them an effing n-word is the best insult!” Continue »

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