Seen on the Scene: Christina Milian

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Christina Milian Koi

Christina Milian was photographed recently coming out of Koi restaurant in Hollyweird looking very excited to have her picture taken.  Soaking up all that paparazzi attention while it lasts, nothing wrong with that.

Christina Milian Koi2Christina Milian Koi 3Christina Milian Koi 4Christina Milian Koi 5

Images via WENN

Gone Too Soon

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Sean Taylor and Baby

Here is a photograph of the late Sean Taylor and his baby girl. Such a precious baby, so sad that she will never see her father again. R.I.P.

Click here to read an article on a theory on Sean’s death.

Ice Cream Shop

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DMC and Pharrell BBC Ice Cream Store Opening

Pharrell and Nigo celebrated the opening of the Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream Flagship Store in NYC. Make sure you hit that store up to get yourself a fresh pair of buttery waffle sneakers.

Pharrell BBC Ice Cream Store OpeningNigo BBC Ice Cream Store OpeningDMC and Pharrell BBC Ice Cream Store Opening 2Pharrell & Nigo BBC Ice Cream Store Opening

Images via WENN

View the Waffle Ice Cream kicks right about now… Continue »

Random Ridiculousness

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Mike Jones wants you to call him. Peep the video for his phone number and to have a ganders at some ridiculous iced out watch and ring.

Which One Would You Hit??

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The Lox Styles P Party

Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, and Styles P were in attendance at Styles P’s “Super Gangster” Album Release and surprise birthday party last night in NYC.

If you HAD to hit one of these interesting characters, Which One?

Here are some shots of Styles P getting a little smoochie:

Styles P AdjuaStyles P Adjua2Styles P Adjua3

Baby Denies Being Married to a Baby

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Birdman Brittany Williams

Birdman claims that 18 year-old Brittany Williams is not his wife and a friend of one of the guys traveling with them:

“I’m not married. Never! Been! Married! Plus, that girl was 18! I don’t get down like that! Plus, if I was married, why would I keep it a secret?”

Well, we don’t know about that one. There are probably a lot of secrets swirling around that Cash Money camp.


Who Looked More Bangin?

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covergirl-ad.gifVida Guerra Tamala Jones

Vida Guerra and Tamala Jones hit up the Jordan Melo M4 launch party last night in LA.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin?

Vida Guerra Melo PartyTamala Jones Melo PartyVida Guerra Melo Party2Tamala Jones Melo Party2

More images from that event:

Carmelo Anthony Melo PartyDaphne Duplaix Melo PartyWarren G Melo PartyModels Shelly Rio and Dolicia Bryant

Even more pics right about now… Continue »

Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

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Keyshia Cole 106 & Park

Keyshia Cole made an appearance on 106 & Park yesterday wearing a vest that we’re very sure that PETA ride or die advocates would love to pour some red paint on.

Keyshia Cole 106 & Park2Keyshia Cole 106 & Park3Keyshia Cole 106 & Park4Keyshia Cole 106 & Park5

Images via WENN

Exclusive Pictures of Publicist Daughter in Latest R. Kelly Scandal

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Here is the young daughter of Kellz publicist that recently quit. According to recent rumors, R. Kelly has known her since she was 4 and bangin’ the young daughter is the real reason her mother quit. She is allegedly 19.

You will find our exclusive pictures on MediaFAKEOUT in the morning, with their logo covering ours. SMH.


Here is what Regina Daniels and her husband had to say last week:

“I have always prided myself on professionalism, respect and loyalty,” says Daniels. “I ended my relationship with Kelly because there are some lines you just don’t cross.”

And in a statement Wednesday, her husband, George Daniels, a prominent record retailer, says: “I have also disassociated myself from Kelly.”


It looks like Kellz hit up the young girls high school party a few years ago. Maybe he was talking about the high school V.I.P in some of his cuts. SMH.

Jesse Jackson Takes Swipe at Obama

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Messy Jesse Jackson recently took a silent swipe at Barack Obama:

Yet the Democratic candidates — with the exception of John Edwards, who opened his campaign in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward and has made addressing poverty central to his campaign — have virtually ignored the plight of African Americans in this country. The catastrophic crisis that engulfs the African-American community goes without mention. No urban agenda is given priority. When thousands of African Americans marched in protest in Jena, La., not one candidate showed up.

SMH. Barack Obama doesn’t have to show up at a Jena 6 rally, he is playing the game, to win.

That old 60’s, out of date and out of touch civil rights game is not going to help Obama get anywhere. SMH.

According to a recent study, the majority of Black voters support Hillary over Obama. In other Obama news for the day, Oprah is co-signing his campaign with her stacks and scheduled public appearances.


Birdman’s 18 Year-Old Wife????

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Here is Brittany Williams, Baby’s rumored wife, and some mugshots of the Cash Money crew who were arrested yesterday for ridin’ dirty in Tennessee. .


SMH. Hit up TMZ to see all of them.

Coon of The Day

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It’s a slow news day so we are going to kick off a new theme. Some of our favorite quotes from “Taye”:

“What [black women] were happy about was that [Mendes’ character in Hitch] wasn’t white; she was Latina,” Diggs explains when asked why Will Smith’s role in the film didn’t draw as much cultural ire as some of the choices he’s made on- and off-screen. “That’s what they were happy about, if we’re gonna be real. That’s how the scale goes. First off, if it’s a dark brother and the dark brother isn’t with a dark sister that causes issues. … After that, if you’re going to date outside the race, then they go down the list of how poorly other minorities have been treated after blacks. [So] after that, you have Latino. … Like, I’ve had people say that about my wife: ‘At least she looks Spanish.’ Like that makes it a little bit better. So that’s why people accepted it. If Will Smith had been with a lily-white woman, it would’ve been a completely different situation in the black community as far as females are concerned. I guarantee you that.”

ELLE: If your life depended on sleeping with a man, who would you choose?

TD: It would have to be a really put-together brother. So, Tyson Beckford.

Source 1

Source 2

For The Stans: Your Daily Beyonce Crack

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Here is your daily dose of Beyonce and Joe Camel. The couple was spotted in NYC yesterday.

At least help the girl down the stairs Camel, she is wearing high heels. This picture is not as boring as the usual stuff, we get some bent wrist and missing lacefront action. Ooooh.


Age Still Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

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Rumors sourced to the homie Illseed over at AHH say R Kelly’s publicist (not the woman in the pic) didn’t quit because he tried to creep on her, it was her daughter who is now 19 years-old. Kellz has known the daughter since she was 4. SMH.

You know his publicist was too old for the old man. He has been looking for that young tail ever since 14 year-old Aaliyah. R.I.P

You don’t have to check the album credits for who wrote “Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number”. SMH.

Image via WENN

Jesus Take The Wheel

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Here is an alleged picture of 14 year-old Bobbi Christina smoking “something”. She better hide that, The King of R&B would probably gank it of her hand and smoke that sh*t.

Hopefully, she doesn’t graduate to rocks anytime soon. Poor thang.


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