15 Women Who Died From Butt Injections

Butt Injections Worth Dying For?

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Victims Of Fatal Butt Injections

The road to happiness is filled with pot holes and possibly death for women desperate to fix their imperfections. At some point, beauty became more important than health in today’s donk-obsessed society where women risk their lives for bigger booties.

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Wykesha Reid

After receiving what family members say was her FOURTH black market butt injection, the 34-year-old mother was found dead in a shady salon run by unlicensed “doctors.”


Suyima Torres

The 28-year-old mother of two paid $2,300 in cash for oily yellow butt injections at Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics before collapsing 10 hours later.


Joy Williams

The 23-year-old British Nigerian woman traveled to Bangkok for a cheap butt injection procedure and later died after her wounds became infected.


Solange Magnano

The former Miss Argentina and mother of twins died after her liquid injections leaked and infected her lungs.

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Tamara Blaine

The 22-year-old mother and part-time college student was found convulsing on a bed inside a Liberty Inn hotel room after being injected with silicone by an unlicensed woman.

According to the New York Daily News, Blaine’s mother (who searched for her missing daughter for weeks) learned of her daughter’s death when she received a bill from the morgue.


Evita Nicole Sarmonikas

The 29-year-old Australian woman suffered a heart attack and died during surgery at a Mexican hospital after a sketchy butt augmentation procedure.


Shatarka Nuby

The 31-year-old Florida woman was pumped with toxic butt injections by the infamous “Dutchess” and later died in a federal prison where she was serving time for identity theft.


Brenisha Hall

The 25-year-old transgender woman died after receiving black market silicone injections from local pageant star Armani Nicole Davenport who preyed on pageant performers in the area.


Karima Gordon

The 37-year-old Georgia woman traveled to Mississippi for illegal butt injections that caused fatal blood clots in her lungs.


Katya De La Riva

The 40-year-old transgender woman experienced respiratory issues and later died after receiving butt injections at a silicone party.


Mayra Lissette Contreras

The 22-year-old mother suffered respiratory failure after being injected with large amounts of silicone by the alleged “Silicone Sisters” Guadalupe Viveros and Alejandra Viveros who skipped town after her death.


Hamilet Suarez

The 36-year-old California woman died of a heart attack at a local hospital after receiving illegal injections inside a beauty salon.


Sharelene Alugbuo

Vinnie Taylor is charged with second degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment after injecting (and later killing) the Maryland woman inside a local hotel.


Apryl Michelle Brown is a brave survivor of illegal butt injections that nearly killed her and a cautionary tale to anyone considering risking their LIFE on a bigger booty.



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