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Joe Budden Got SUPER Mad At Scottie Beam For Not Hating Another Woman?

Is this where “the culture” is???

Joe Budden has rehashed the gender war of Twitter because he can’t get jiggy with feminism. The decamped rapper and his colleagues were discussing Brittany Renner on their web show, and things turned all the way left after his cohost Scottie Beam stated that she didn’t “hate” Renner over her tell-all book. In fact, Beam sounded indifferent over Brittany Renner’s tell-all book because people have been doing it for YEARS on pages and in music. Like recently, Quavo detailed sex with Nicki Minaj and no one even FLINCHED. But Joe Budden seemingly wanted Beam to degrade Renner on camera and when she didn’t, he blew hookah smoke all the way down her throat!

Here’s the clip for “State of The Culture”, where Joe called Scottie a man-hater for not “hating” another woman. Is he for real?

Of course, Joe’s stance drummed up all of the woman-hating fans that hang off his balls. Like Freddie Gibbs, who blindly agreed with him. Then, Gibbs swore at another woman who called the cyber chest-bumping sexist…

Freddie tells the lady to “shut the f*ck up”. Sounds like a nice guy, right? Dozens of comments like this from other men appear in the thread, SMH.

But a few folks were up in arms for Scottie Beam, who couldn’t even get a word out at her own job. Hit the flip to see how folks are reacting to this “fake feminist” argument brought forth by “the culture”. It gets nasty!

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