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“Basketball Wives” Star Aims To Set The Record Straight In Exclusive Interview

Evelyn Lozada has been embroiled in a public feud with her “Basketball Wives” co-star Ogom “OG” Chijindu – a spat that has led to allegations of racism, Twitter draggings and, according to her, has affected her bottom line.

And now, just days after the TV personality and mother of two filed a defamation suit against OG, she spoke to BOSSIP where she aims to set the record straight about what’s transpired over the last few weeks. Lozada admits that she is a work in progress and is trying to do better – but she also says that the public has got it wrong about what’s in her heart:

Bossip: What has been the biggest misconception about you following this season of “Basketball Wives”?

Evelyn: “The biggest misconception is that I am a bully. I’ve come to realize that outspokenness could be misconstrued for something that it’s really not. My family and friends know me, love me and accept complete and utter honesty from me-LOL. I’ve thought long and hard about this and concluded that there is a difference in how my directness and candor is received by those I personally know and those I don’t. I will do better…”

Bossip: Following show airing, one of the criticisms of you was that you had displayed racist behavior – are you a racist?

Evelyn: “Oh wow, First, let me say, I think the initial criticisms were of reality television, in general, highlighting a sentiment that there is a widespread issue of colorism plaguing women of color as to how they are portrayed and treated on television. If you ask me if I agree with that question, I would say that we must all be a little more cognizant of how we all can play a role in bringing awareness and effecting change. With respect to the question around racism, nothing could be further from the truth. For anyone to call me a racist or a bigot against my own people is simply bananas and misinformed. 90% of the people I work with are people of color and 98% are women. And the same numbers, if not higher apply to my personal businesses. Besides, last time I looked in the mirror I was a woman of color–who has to more often than not, navigate through unchartered “real life” discrimination. Addressing false claims about racism and bigotry seems to be a waste of valuable time. I’ll just leave it there.”

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Bossip: Do you think there has been a double standard in the conflict between you and OG?

Evelyn: “No, I do not. I treat people how I want to be treated and I will react if I’m being treated badly—I’m human. For example, if I walked around with a negative disposition sprinkled with an authoritarian mannerism, how should I expect to be received and treated? What I will never do is cry wolf, act like a victim or manufacture a storyline to remain relevant.”

Bossip: Do you think that the situation between you two could ever be resolved? If so, how?

Evelyn: “That question can be best answered by Ogom, not me.”

Bossip: Have you thought about not returning to the show after this season?

Evelyn: “Absolutely not. If I am invited back for Season 9, I’d welcome it.”


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