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Judge grants protective order on evidence in federal charges against R. Kelly

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Judge Orders R. Kelly Back Child Support Be Taken From His Music Royalties

Karma has been working her wonderful magic on R Kelly all of 2018-2019. The first punch thrown the singer was the documentary “Surviving R Kelly” and since then its been haymaker after haymaker.

Currently, the singer is in police custody awaiting trial but the troubles for him continue. He’s missed a court date due to being incarcerated and recently had yet ANOTHER arrest warrant issued for him. Now his massive back child support debt is coming back to bite him in the ass.

R Kelly’s former wife Andrea Kelly will finally see the money she’s been trying to claim. Previously she went on record describing his child support payments as a situation where he would let it build it then pay the minimum that would keep him out of jail. With him behind bars and with no access to his funds he has become a victim to his own game.

TMZ reports the family courts are fed up with the games. Reportedly he owes Andrea a total of $20,833 each month. With him behind bars they now have complete transparency over his funds due to him not having to pay any bills to maintain his life all the money he makes just collects.

Judges have now ordered the $20K he owes to come from his music catalog earnings. If you’re unfamiliar in the music industry artist back catalog accumulate royalties and the payouts come from companies such as BMI, Sony, ASCAP and others.

The judge is now ordering the two which pay him (BMI & Sony) will have the money he owes her automatically deducted from his payout. In other words his wages will be garnished to avoid any more games or anymore taxpayer money wasted having this case play out in a courtroom.


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