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Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy Gets Honored By His Loved Ones

One of the toughest moments of 2019–and one that will live in infamy for the longest–was the passing of Nipsey Hussle. At the peak of his career, the Los Angeles native was senselessly murdered in front of his Marathon clothing store, causing outrage, mourning, and a whole movement surrounding the legacy he left behind.

The second half of the year was filled with reminders of just how influential the rapper and philanthropist was, and thanks to his dedicated group of friends and family, that’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

This week, Lauren London, Blacc Sam, and more of Hussle’s loved ones sat down with GQ to talk about his legacy and share some of their favorite Nip stories. Check out some of the highlights down below:

His sister, Samantha Smith spoke on her first time hearing Nipsey’s music:

“The first time I heard my brother rap, I had to be like seven. I thought it was so amazing, like, “My brother is going to be the next Jay-Z!” He would go to Watts Towers Arts Center to record when he was young. I remember driving with him and my mom, dropping him off on Saturday mornings. I would sneak in his room to read his notebook with all his raps in it. I had no idea what it even meant.”

Dawit Asghedom, his father, recalled how a trip to Eritrea changed Nip’s perspective:

“Here it is very money-oriented and about material objects. I wanted them to see the richness of those differences. When we came back [from Eritrea], Ermias said, “What do I want to do with my life? Do I want to continue doing this, or do I want to go to a different direction?” He found himself. And he found a way to get out, because he decided to.”

Hussle’s bodyguard, J Roc, kept it simple: “Nip was just so concerned with doing it ‘the Nip Hussle way.’”

Lauren London spoke lovingly about her life partner’s ability to keep things exciting in their relationship:

“Nip was very spontaneous. He would be like, “Boog, let’s go out of town.” And I’d go with him and no luggage. He was very fun in that way. He loved having fun. We’d wake up in the morning, and he’d be like, “Bet you won’t get on a roller coaster.” We would literally just wash our faces, brush our teeth, put on sweats, and go to Magic Mountain, randomly, to get on a roller coaster and start the day.”

His sister summed up his legacy perfectly:

“His legacy will be “the Marathon Continues”—meaning his children, his children’s children. His mother, his sister, his brother, his life partner, his grandmother, all his friends and loved ones, that’s his legacy. His music is his legacy. All of his businesses are his legacy. All of the businesses opening up because we’re inspired, that’s his legacy.”

Check out more of Nipsey Hussle’s oral history over at GQ.



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