Twitter Reacts To Eminem "Music To Be Murdered By" Surprise Release

Still Got It Or Hang It Up? Twitter Reacts To Eminem’s ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Surprise Release

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Twitter Reacts To Eminem “Music To Be Murdered By” Surprise Release

On Thursday night, Eminem dropped a surprise album titled, Music To Be Murdered By, and it’s safe to say it was met with very mixed reactions.

The first thing people noticed was the title of the album, with many fans wondering how in the world he came up with it. Well, this is Eminem we are talking about, a guy who’s built an entire career off of shock value and saying things that seem way too over-the-top.

Before listeners could take in the confusion from the title, the first visual was released. A song by the name of “Darkness” was the first video from the project and in said visual, Eminem recreates the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. Yep, you read that right.

While it does look like Eminem is actually trying to push for gun control with this whole endeavor, it seems like a lot of people don’t care about the message if they don’t like the messenger–which is the case for a lot of folks with this one. The title of the album combined with the release of a shocking visual and no statement from the artist always leaves room for the art to be misinterpreted.

After this surprise release, Twitter seems to be pretty split on whether or not this new Eminem is worth listening to–but we all know that didn’t stop the jokes from flying, which brought some excellent laughs.

While the Twitter reactions are a bit harsh, there is no doubt that Eminem fans will show up in the real world and his first week numbers will be insane, like they always are. But whether you like an artist or not, the Twitter reactions are always worth it anyway.

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