Rudy Gobert Under Fire For Coronavirus Joke 48 Hours Before Catching It

NBA Player Rudy Gobert MOCKED The Coronavirus, Then CAUGHT The Coronavirus, Then Got DRAGGED For It

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Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz

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The coronavirus is suddenly a pandemic and everything went to hell seemingly overnight on Wednesday. First, Donald Trump went and announced a travel ban that wasn’t really a travel ban and sounded like a whole entire idiot on national TV. Then we found out that Tom Hanks had contracted the virus.

Then we found out the NBA had suspended the season. However, the whole story behind it is wild. The Jazz and Thunder were going to square off last night but right before tipoff the NBA called the game off. Apparently Jazz center Rudy Gobert had tested positive for Coronavirus.

But that’s not all. Here’s what Gobert did two days ago:

“NBA is suspending its season “until further notice” after Rudy Gobert of Jazz reportedly contracted the #coronavirus. What has make it worse is that he deliberately touched all the mics a few days ago during a press briefing to tell the public that the disease was not a big deal.”

That’s right. He MOCKED the disease and then got it. And then got the league canceled. Twitter was NOT here for the sympathy. Take a look…

This video of the girl licking the handrail has been all over the internet for the past month or so. It’s a reminder of how lackadaisical people have been about germs up until now. Of course, Rudy touched those microphones and the comparison is pretty rich.

@OprahSide Literally nobody:

Rudy Gobert:

Did you see the video of the parents freaking out in Memphis? Including the one parent who sprayed his kid in the face with disinfectant prior to going back to school? Well, we imagine Rudy’s teammate, Donovan Mitchell might feel the same way and do some spraying.

@MatthewMcGovern: Donovan Mitchell spraying Rudy Gobert with disinfectant after the NBA was suspended

Of course there are some of us who have nothing but selfish thoughts about all of this. You now the internet is all about protecting LeBron and making sure he’s healthy. Rudy could have put the GOAT in danger. Y’all have no chill.

@Rick_Zou: “When you realize the Lakers were just days away from playing Rudy Gobert twice”

We don’t think you have appreciated the severity of this situation and how wild it is that Rudy did all of that with the microphones. It was clearly ignorant and people are going to want apologies from him ASAP for all of this.



Rudy Gobert:

Adam Silver, NBA commissioner could NOT have been happy with how this happened. Gobert of all people to catch this thing after how he acted is absolutely crazy. That’s what happens when you do stupidity.

@Quemero_Laker: Adam Silver entering Rudy Gobert room


On Monday, Rudy Gobert mocked the protective measures the NBA put in place following the #coronavirus outbreak.

Today, after he tested positive for the virus, the NBA shut down the rest of the season.

Not so funny anymore is it?


*gets the coronavirus a day later*


@sreekyshooter: Still can’t get over this mf’er Rudy Gobert utilizing his 7’9″ wingspan to touch every single mic within his reach as a joke*rudy gobert making fun of the coronavirus*

@BrianJennings0: NBA:So why did you touch those microphones Rudy?

Rudy Gobert:

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