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Kenya Moore is doing her best to clear the air. During Sunday’s #RHOA finale, Porsha told NeNe that she felt shaded by Kenya’s comments to her friend Shamea at a recent event.

In case you missed it Kenya alleged that when Shamea was pregnant, she texted her after her water broke and Kenya volunteered to take her to the hospital. Sounds innocent enough, right?

Well her comments included some maybe shade towards Shamea’s bestie Porsha.

“I remember you [Shamea] texted me, and you were like ‘I think my water broke’ and I said, ‘Do you need me to come to the hospital?’ …I don’t know where Porsha was…I think Porsha was doing something else…working that day,” Kenya said to Shamea and the group, during the charity event.

Kenya’s since denied that she was being shady and said Shamea called her, not the other way around.

According to Porsha however, it was indeed a dig and she didn’t appreciate Kenya’s comments. Porsha also alleged that Shamea actually told her that Kenya’s story was a lie.

“This girl is making it look like I don’t even care for my best friend who’s the closest to me,” said Porsha. “I was like, ‘Damn, why would Shamea call her?’ So I’m really feelin’ a little way, but [I kept my face straight],” Porsha stated. “Later on, Shamea walked up to me, pissed. She said, ‘I did not call that girl when my water broke.”


According to Kenya, that’s simply untrue and she produced an RHOA receipt in the form of a text.

“I supported Shamea & Porsha throughout their entire pregnancy OFF CAMERA. I was pregnant & panicked when I got the text about her water,” Kenya captioned a screenshot of their text exchange.

In it, you can clearly see that Kenya was texting Shamea about having hiccups during pregnancy and Shamea told her afterward that her “[amniotic] sac might be leaking.”

Fans are pointing out that the texts do NOT show that Shamea texted Kenya when her water broke and instead show that Kenya initiated the entire conversation.

Ooop! Whose side are YOU on in this petty pregnancy text debacle???

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See more fallout from Kenya’s “receipt” on the flip.

On the RHOA aftershow Kenya once again reiterated that she wasn’t being shady towards Porsha and said she felt “hurt” that women she confided in while pregnant tried to accuse her of being malicious.

“That was some made-up drama,” said Kenya. “It was something about I tried to make up that she called me when her water broke. We did have a conversation, you did text me about something happening with your water. So I was really concerned.

“Shamea I supported her throughout her entire pregnancy and Porsha,” she added. “I was hurt that they tried to turn that around on me. I felt betrayed by Porsha, this was all when I wasn’t a housewife, I was home pregnant alone. I was livid and really, really hurt by that.”

What do YOU think really happened here? Was Kenya being malicious or is all this hoopla over nothing???

Fans are calling Kenya’s text message receipt a “reach” and they’re also calling her a “bully.” Why? Well, because during the finale they’re convinced that she tried to provoke NeNe into a fight at Kandi’s baby shower and the RHOA producers showed clips of Kenya “bullying” other cast members. This all came after Kenya told TMZ that NeNe’s a “bully with very few friends.”

NeNe agreed with fans and retweeted the shade.

NeNe also exploded on Kandi and Cynthia for not agreeing that Kenya was trying to provoke her at the baby shower. “Weak azzes!” wrote NeNe.

“RIGHT! WEAK A**ES! Now say something!”

“Kenya’s “receipt” basically proves that Shamea did NOT call Kenya or ask Kenya to take her to the hospital.

The shade assassin just assassinated herself.”

“Kenya was so INAPPROPRIATE with those comments to Shamea and how SHE brought Porsha in the conversation to make it come off like she’s a bad friend #RHOA”

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