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After a successful wave of Hip-Hop/R&B Verzuz battles, we finally got a heavyweight Gospel matchup (Jezuz?) between modulation master Hezekiah Walker and THEE John P. Kee who brought together 80,000 gospel lovers, church mothers, prayer warriors and butterscotch-slangin’ aunties for a soul-nourishing experience on the gram.

Oh yes, it was lit–sweaty brow levels of lit–with everyone from Kirk Franklin to K-Ci from Jodeci to Charlamagne Tha God stopping by to fellowship with two beloved Gospel titans who played some of their biggest hits at a trying time when we needed them the most.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Hezekiah Walker & John P. Kee’s soul-stirring Jezuz battle on the flip.

“On my way to this John P. Kee and Hezekiah Walker concert” – we really, really miss the tragically baggy suit era

“I am weak” – Pastor John Gray was out of control (which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone)

“Mood” – THE BACKDROP. WHY??? (No, seriously, why does John P. Kee have a giant backdrop of John P. Kee?)

“I am so distracted by John P. Kee’s backdrop of himself.” – we stared at it the entire time

“Please look at what Pastor John Gray said about the sound during #HezekiahWalkerVsJohnPKee” –

“Hezekiah ain’t gone fix his sound so we just gotta praise our way through y’all

#HezekiahWalkerVsJohnPKee” – all we could do is put the sound issues in God’s hands

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“John Gray” – we miss writing about John Gray’s messy shenanigans

“You can’t take black people nowhere ! Not even virtually #HezekiahWalkerVsJohnPKee” – it would be Jay Versace to cuss in the chat

“John Gray got me howling” – he just…kept going (and going)

“Dipping out the #HezekiahWalkerVsJohnPKee battle to go watch #TheLastDance in the usher board room. Be blessed.” – we were right behind her

“FINAAAAALLLLLYYYYY 99 1/2 WONT DOOOOOOOOOOOO #HezekiahWalkerVsJohnPKee” – 99.5 is the JAM of all JAMS that never gets old



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