Tokyo Vanity Is Love & Hip-Hop's Fan Favorite For Fighting Akbar

#LHHATL: Tokyo Vanity Laying A Beatdown On Akbar Reminded Us Why She’s The GREATEST Cast Member Ever

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Source: VH1 / VH1

Tokyo Vanity is one of the most popular people in reality TV. She has given us all sorts of quotables and viral moments. However, no moment was more wild than this week when she took it to Akbar. The fight was a massive mess, but Akbar thought she was going to be able to lay hands on Keisha. Tokyo intercepted and laid Akbar out before she could lay a hand on her bestie.

That wasn’t it. She also went after Akbar in the streets and had security have to drag her away. Somehow a whole truck got sent down the street like an Avengers fight.

Tokyo’s fight and having her friend’s back is just a reminder that she is one of the most beloved people in the game.

Look at that. She really went all the way in on Akbar to save her homie.

Look at how much the internet is in love with her. Peep more reactions.

“Yo Tokyo a real mf friend, she hit Akbar before she even touched Keisha a**”

“Akbar knows damn well if Tokyo wasn’t held by security , she would’ve molly whopped her a**”

“Tokyo peeped that sneak shit and intercepted real quick. I know Akbar head was sore.”

“Yoooooo Tokyo is bout that life peridot… she immediately started to throw them hands without hesitation… Akbar is a f**** bully…. sit yo a** down and take care of them 5 kids you got.”

“Bruhhhhhhh akhbar tried to sneak light skinned keshia and Tokyo tagged her a**… LMMFAOOOOOO. Tokyo lit into her a** bruh”

“Yo everybody need a friend like Tokyo…. She be happy af to help you jump a b****”

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“B**** y’all see how fast Tokyo sprung into action!!! Those the type of MF you need around you and that’s on PERIOD!”

“I’m always gonna root for Tokyo”

“Tokyo literally moved that car….she don’t play”


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