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Porsha and Cynthia

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During part one of the RHOA Reunion viewers saw Porsha allege that she had a text from Kenya Moore messily shading her good girlfriend Cynthia Bailey. Porsha refused to read the text but said it was something along the lines of “she’s gonna get her a** … trust her days are numbered.”

Andy Cohen and Cynthia Bailey were sent the text and Kenya told Porsha she should just send it to the entire group.

Kenya already called out Porsha and said that the receipt is “fake”…

and it looks like Kenya’s buddy 50 Cynt agrees.

Cynthia was a guest on Kandi’s “Speak On It” YouTube show and she talked all things #RHOAReunion including the alleged receipt. According to Cynthia, the text that Porsha sent “wasn’t nothing” and hasn’t impacted her friendship with Kenya.

“I have the receipt, the receipts that I got, to be honest, were really about Eva,” said Cynthia. “I thought I wasn’t gonna be friends with Kenya after these receipts. If anybody knows a good receipt, it was Porsha. Girl—it wasn’t nothing. We can move past this.”

Hopefully, Cynthia and Andy read the “receipt” so we can discern for ourselves whether or not it’s really shady.


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50 Cynt also spoke out further on texts between the housewives, in general, and added that she’s not a fan of apologies via text off-camera for things that happened on the show.

“I just think we’re making a show, save it for the show, let’s wrap it into the show,” said Cynthia. “You got something to say, don’t be trying to text me privately and try to get it straight privately. You wanna apologize? Don’t be lighting me up in a scene and then apologize [in a text], you need to say that on camera.”

That’s fair. If you’ve said something publically why not apologize publically as well?


Cynthia had LOTS more to stay during the 40-minute chat with Kandi and also spoke on Tanya Sam and that whole “cookie lady” conundrum. According to Cynthia, Tanya shouldn’t have been THAT shocked by Kenya’s shade fest featuring the baker. Why? Well because Cynthia said she warned Tanya in advance.


Oop—hit the flip.

Cynthia Bailey

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Cynthia told Kandi that she mentioned in some capacity that there was an alleged cookie lady going around alleging that she was hit on by Tanya’s fiance. It’s unclear however whether or not Cyn knew that the woman would make a surprise appearance via Kenya Moore. 

“To be honest with you, I did call Tanya and mention [the cookie lady]—but again she didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal, I didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal,” Cynthia told Kandi. “She knew a lot more than what she’s alleging. I gave her as much as a heads up about what I knew when I knew it.”


Oh really??? Wonder what Tanya thinks about that, it looks like the cookie lady scandal will be addressed during part two on Sunday.


There’s lots more to unpack in Kandi’s video including Cynthia admitting that Porsha’s “social distancing” read to Eva’s breasts was hilarious.

“Although I didn’t want to think it was funny because Eva is my friend, I thought it was a really good read,” said Cynthia. “I thought it was really funny when Porsha said Eva’s breasts were social distancing.”

Porsha Williams, Eva Marcille

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She also admitted that she cracked up over Kenya’s “White Chicks” diss to NeNe.


Watch Cynthia speak on the RHOA Reunion below.


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