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At this point, we’re pretty sure no popular celebrity is ever actually ‘canceled’ with Doja Cat being the latest example of a ‘canceled’ star who continues to thrive in the mainstream.

If you missed it, she was caught up in spicy KKKontroversy after racist incels outed her Nazi chat room shenanigans in retaliation for not showing her bewbs as promised if she hit #1 with Nicki Minaj.

Oh yes, it was a MESS that didn’t damage her wave too much based on the hype over her blush-worthy appearance alongside the City Girls in the visually delicious new “P***y Talk” video.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Doja Cat in the “P***y Talk” video on the flip.

“Y’all out here supporting Doja Cat again” – are you surprised??

“Is DoJa CaT sTiLl CaNcElEd???” – well, it IS a fair question

“Doja Cat tryna get them n*gga points bacc naw naw naw sis” – looks like she got ’em

“yea I still like Doja Cat, and so what?” – do you, boo

“Y’all n*ggas still like Doja Cat??” – it’s looking like yes

“Me seeing Doja cat trending

Me remembering doja cat dont like black people” – this is how we thought things would go

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“When Doja Cat said, “the p*ssy really talk like it Garfield” my scalp was snatched” – this video was…a lot (in a good way)

“i hope y’all know that doja cat.” …might still be in those Nazi chats?

“Doja Cat Glam Team ain’t missing right now. If you gon be most hated. Child you better look good doing it.” – and that’s that on that



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