Monique Samuels And Candiace Dillard Feud Over Charrisse Jordan

Monique Says THIS ‘Whole Walrus’ Is At The Center Of Her #RHOP Pettiness With Candiace

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Messy, messy, messy.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 5

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A Real Housewife of Potomac is sharing more details on her fallout with a former friend. During the #RHOP Premiere fans saw Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard making amends after having a tumultuous time on season 4. The two ladies seemed to be on the right path until Monique spotted former #RHOP housewife Charrisse Jordan (remember her?) at Candiace’s anniversary party.


That apparently pissed off Monique because she believes Charrisse has been spreading “nasty rumors” about her and while she declined to say what they specifically were, she likened Charisse to a “whole walrus.”

She also added that it was “inconsiderate” of Candiace to invite Charisse to her party and a “true friend” would never do that.

“I was very disappointed, I was very taken aback,” said Monique to Bravo TV while the second episode of Real Housewives of Potomac streamed on Twitter.

According to Candiace however, she had no idea Monique’s issues with Charisse ran that deep and she defended herself on Twitter noting that Monique shouldn’t trust Gizelle Bryant, who brought Candiace’s “friendship” with Charisse to Monique’s attention after the anniversary party.

“Let’s start with the operative word “IF” i’m pursuing a friendship with someone who I know you don’t get along with….mind you, this is Information that you just received from someone who is NOT your friend…

The fact that you’re getting the news from Gizelle of all people should be accompanied with 27 grains of salt. It’s not a dagger in your heart that you feel. It’s the “kick me“ sign you let this girl put on your back to play you. #RHOP

Did you take me aside and ask me if this information was true? You did not. (Next tweet) I seem to recall you explaining to me how you could 100% forge a friendship with Ashley, someone who EYE did not get along with, and still maintain a friendship with me because that’s what “adults“ do. So which one is it?”

Furthermore, what do I gain by trying to get close to someone to get back at monique…who isn’t on the show? I was always cool w/Charrisse. You would think after all the “lies” That were told on Ashley &her “family,” she would better manage the LIES she pulls from her hide.#RHOP”

Candiac also posted (and partially deleted) a note about Monique’s comment that butter knives needed to be moved from the table where the group was meeting for dinner. According to Candiace, it’s another instance of Monique referencing violence.

“When Candiace gets upset she cries. Yells a lot. But when monique gets upset, she needs to put somebody on the “pavement” or crack someone over the head with a bottle or “drag” someone or “choke” them out with an umbrella…and now stab them with a butter knife? Confusion. #RHOP

How many references to violence are we going to count before we acknowledge who the real issue always has been here? You might need to move your butter knife why? #RHOP”

This mess will eventually hit a fever pitch during that Cabernet combat where things get physical between the two at a winery. Both of the ladies wound up filing assault charges that were later dismissed.


Charrisse spoke out on Twitter about all this so-called “whole walrus” drama; hit the flip.

Charrisse has responded to the shade and according to her, she wasn’t the one spreading the rumors, it was Monique’s BESTIE. Whoever that may be.

“That was your BEST friend that was spreading those rumors. I couldn’t care less.”

She also denied that she’s “trying to stay relevant.”

Fellow #RHOP housewife Robyn Dixon weighed in and defended her friend Charisse noting that Monique’s reasoning sounds childish.

She also added that Charisse HASN’T been spreading rumors about Monique and she dubbed it an “excuse.”

“I just don’t like my girl Charisse being painted as a villain.”

Monique wants you to know that she’s no hypocrite and she believes Candiace plotted behind her back.

“The difference is after that we both sat down for a 2 hour lunch and decided on ways to make our friendship better,” she responded to a fan. We both apologized for our past issues and said we would move forward. Then I find out later of this plot behind my back”

In related RHOP news, Dr. Wendy Ofeso did exactly what her fellow housewives said she was capable of; she delivered a fillllllllthy read. After Karen Huger continued to push that “not impressed” shade towards Wendy, the professor clapped back and left behind a cloud of Karen’s LaDame fragrance;

“I should stop speaking out against injustices against BLACK people and start selling perfume. It makes sense your name is “Karen.”


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