Twitter Is CONVINCED Rob Endres Wacked His Wife Patrice

#UnsolvedMysteries: Twitter Is CONVINCED Carol Baskin-y Bumpkin Rob Endres Wacked His Wife Patrice

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The first two episodes of Netflix’s twisty-turny “Unsolved Mysteries” reboot are must-see TV with a slew of questionable characters, bewildering developments and rewindable moments that continue to fuel plausible conspiracy theories across the internet.

Last week, we delved into the perplexing Rey Rivera saga that set the tone for the now infamous Patrice Endres case where the seemingly perfect mother and wife disappeared from her hair salon in Cummings, Georgia on April 15, 2004.

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The episode (“13 Minutes”) is named for a span of unaccounted time on the day Endres disappeared from her salon where she placed a phone call at 11:37 a.m. but didn’t pick up the next call at 11:50 a.m. In that time period, she was thought to have been taken.

Enter Patrice’s very, uh, eccentric husband Rob Endres who raised eyebrows with several bizarre statements that, in many minds, made him a prime player despite his denials throughout the episode.

In one scene, he explains that he carried his wife’s skull around for hours and slept with her ashes like “a teddy bear” without the slightest hint of self-awareness.

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Naturally, he was compared to Carole Baskin–the kooky ‘Tiger King’ villain who was cleared of dumping (literally) her late husband Don Lewis despite literally everybody believing she did.

As of this very moment, police have ruled out Rob but that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from tweeting themselves into a TIZZY over the buzzy case.

Peep alll the hysteria over the unsolved Patrice Endres case on the flip.

“Rob Endres is nightmare fuel. #UnsolvedMysteries” – terrifying

“Me calling the @Unsolved tipline to tell them that Rob 100% offed Patrice Endres” – us, too!

“Rob: was somebody’s toy for a while? did they take a wheelbarrow and haul her out there? I don’t know…..#UnsolvedMysteries” – IT WAS SO WEIRD

“So we are meant to believe that Rob didn’t wack #Patrice on #UnsolvedMysteries and that is is completely normal to use a person’s ashes as a “teddy bear” and to walk around and kiss her skull?” – oh he definitely did it

“On ep 2 and THIS MAN’s actions and rhetoric are revolting. “She was someone’s toy”? The ugly possessiveness over her ashes? The sheer hatred for her son? Walks around with her SKULL. Clearly has zero empathy and sees his wife an an object” – why he’s free, we’ll never know

“Rob trying to tell us he’s not like the rest of them who off their SO. but wait.
– degree in criminology
– not protective but “obsessed”
– The Ashes.
– Changing Locks.
*the male Carol Baskin.
my case is closed.” – open and closed

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“Just watched the Patrice Endres episode of Unsolved Mysteries and ummm….MY TIP FOR THE HOTLINE IS DEFINITELY LOOK INTO ROB MORE. A LOT MORE.” – A LOOOOOT MORE

“i dunno Rob.. you’re the only one” – FACTS

“Do we all agree that Rey Rivera was definitely set up by his best friend/boss and that Patrice Endres wa–“we agree 100%


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