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Source: OWN

We laughed, cried, praised and worshipped, back-slid into megachurch MESS and survived Rochelle Cross (well, kinda) over 5 stellar seasons of “Greenleaf” that ended with everyone’s fave dysfunctional church family saying goodbye to Bishop.

In the finale, we learn that Calvary is cutting ties with slimy-grimy H&H and having Lady Mae lead worship at Bishop’s Homegoing ceremony at the church (that barely escaped being demolished).

As expected, Lady Mae preached the sermon of her LIFE–whew, A MOMENT supported by Charity’s rousing performance–in Bishop’s memory that pretty much guarantees her place at the head of her beloved church moving forward.

Greenleaf Season 5 assets

Source: OWN

We also learned the fate of the Greenleaf estate that Tara decided to leave with the family after weeks of her sister’s wrath and threats to boot them out in accordance with her late father’s will.

At one point, there seemed to be a spark or two between her and Jacob who amicably worked things out with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kerissa.

Overall, it was a solid finale with Grace accepting a new job in New York in a full circle moment where Lady Mae thanked her for shaking up the Greenleaf bubble.

That said, we STILL had questions about if Basey is still alive, Rochelle Cross’s next chapter, Jacob and Tasha or Tara (or both?) and the ghost boy at the grave with Grace but maybe we’ll get closure with the spin-off.

What did you think about the finale? Did the Greenleafs get off too easy? Are you looking forward to the upcoming spin-off? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and peep allll the best tweets from the finale on the flip.

“The family shall march in first and the everybody else second. Speeches are limited to two minutes or you will be asked to sit down. Please refer to your program. #GreenleafOwn #Greenleaf” – yessss program

“YES MAE #Greenleaf” – she did what she had to do

“#Greenleaf WHAT IS WINKY’S REAL NAME?!” – we may never know

“Through everything and Charity still didn’t preach a sermon. #Greenleaf” – NOT 1

“Me finding out Connie Sykes ain’t on the Deacon Board no more #Greenleaf” – ‘BOUT TIME

“I’m not an AJ fan but when he walked to that altar…..” – a MOMENT

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“bishop really gone y’all. why they doing us like this?” – life’s never fair

“Grace asked Charity to keep an eye on Sophia, girl Charity ain’t kept an eye on her own child for 5 seasons” – oop!

“There is much more to discuss…Jacob & Tasha, the boy at Faith’s grave, Jacob’s secret daughter, and where is Charity’s child??? #Greenleaf” – soooo much more but hopefully we get answers in the spinoff


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