Megan Thee Stallion CONFIRMS Tory Lanez As Her Shooter, Shatters Twitter

Here’s What Happened When Megan Thee Stallion CONFIRMED Tory Lanez As Her Shooter

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After weeks of messy speculation and false narratives, Megan Thee Stallion confirmed Tory Lanez as the shooter on that now infamous night in a fiery Instagram Live video currently sending shockwaves through the music industry.

“Yes… Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying,” she said in an Instagram Live video. “Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand.”

“I didn’t tell the police nothing because I didn’t want us to get in no more trouble,” she added in the viral post.

This comes just a day after she revealed the gruesome gunshot wound in a post and delete aimed at skeptics of her story.

“Lol what I have learned abt majority of the people on social media is y’all like to hear bad news before good news, a lie spreads quicker than the truth, and y’all really be believing the sh*t YALL make up,” she captioned in the now deleted post.

“I got hit at the back of my feet because when I got shot I was WALKING AWAY FACING THE BACK. why would I lie abt getting shot? she added”

Lanez was arrested the morning of the incident on suspicion of possession of a concealed weapon and released on bail later that day but has not been charged with anything related to the incident. Police and prosecutors say the case remains under investigation.

How do you feel about Megan’s confirmation? Will you be boycotting Tory’s music? Peep the Twitter hysteria over Meg confirming Tory as the shooter on the flip.

“Tory Lanez after he receives his sentence for shooting Megan thee Stallion” – we could see this happening

“Ayo Tory!!!” – you know what…

“And that’s on autotune

#DeportToryLanez” – pettyyyyy

“Dawg. LMAOOO” – gotta love JT

“This might be my favorite tweet from this entire Megan/Tory situation” – wh… why would she tweet this???

“It’s the fact that Megan LIED FOR TORY, so he wouldn’t DIE at the hands of the POLICE, just for him & his PR team to LIE ON MEGAN” – it’s over for Tory

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“We don’t need this again” – you already know Lisa is on the prowl

“men talking Them talking about
sh*t about the tory shooting
WAP Megan situation” – you hate to see it

“Also the men in the industry not speaking on the Tory/Megan situation but so ready to talk about WAP is extremely telling. They’re trash.” – damn shame


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