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Everyone’s buzzing over Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young reportedly requesting nearly $2 million/month in temporary spousal support after filing for divorce back in June. On top of that, she also wants $5 million to cover her legal fees.

Sources close to the couple claim that Young still lives in their Malibu home and has access to their cars, personal chefs, and other luxuries. Dre will likely cite this current living arrangement in his argument as to why she shouldn’t be granted her request for $1,936,399/month.

Here’s the breakdown via TMZ:

– Laundry and cleaning $10,000/month

– Clothes $135,000/month

– Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000/month

— Entertainment $900,000/month

— Charitable contributions $125,000 a month

— Mortgage. $100,000/month

— Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000/month

Yes, you read that right and Young reportedly plans on defending this pearl clutch-worthy request by explaining that she doesn’t want to depend on Dre to pay her bills as they engage in what could, at some point, become a messy divorce.

This is just the latest development in their high-profile divorce that’s already been quite unconventional.

Nicole previously challenged the validity of their prenup by claiming she “unwillingly” signed the agreement in 1996 because of pressure from Dr. Dre. She went on to allege that they came to an understanding as a couple that their prenup would no longer be valid two years into their 25-year marriage.

According to Forbes, Dr. Dre’s net worth in 2019 was $800 million so we’re pretty sure Young will walk away with several M’s. How many? Stay tuned.


Thoughts on Dr. Dre’s wife asking for $2 million in spousal support? Wayyyy too much or fair for an almost billionaire? Tell us in the comments and peep the pettiest reactions on the flip.

“$900K a month for entertainment?? This ho* training elephants???” – chiiiiile

“she asking for $900k a month for entertainment like Netflix isn’t just $10” – a measly $10

“f i get 900k a month for entertainment, I’m definitely getting a Bat Mobile” – SAME

“Dr. Dre wife said she need $900,000 for entertainment–what?” – we thought it was a typo

““Entertainment, $900k a month”

B*tch, is she booking” – we wouldn’t be shocked if she was

“Dr Dre’s wife need 60k a month for education, where tf she study at, hogwarts?” – only explanation

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“Dr. Dre wife look like Austin Rivers. Ain’t no f*ckin way I’m paying $2 mil to that.” – pettyyyy

“$900,000 in entertainment… a month

Is she renting Chris Brown?” – she might as well

“Dr. Dre’s wife needs 20k a month to pay her phone bill, who tf she calling? The decepticons???” – valid question

“Nicole Young, Dr Dre’s wife, explains why she needs 2m dollars a month to live.” – we applaud her audacity

“$900,000 for Entertainment ?? she’s planning her own dancing bear parties. If you know, you know.” – if you don’t know, Google at your own risk

“Dr. Dre wife acting like she invented pro tools” – no, seriously

“Nicole Young wants 2 million a month for spousal support from Dr.Dre 😭😭 I would’ve told that ho* to swallow rocks” – we’re sure Dre already told her this

“Dr. Dre has a well documented history of abuse so I hope his wife takes him for everything he has” – welp



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