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Hearing for former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd death

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd.

Today, according to the Associated Press, Chauvin mysteriously manifested $1 million in order to pay the bond necessary to be released from the Oak Park Heights detention facility. The Floyd family attornies, Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci released a statement addressing their disappointment with his release:

“The system of due process worked for Chauvin and afforded him his freedom while he awaits trial. In contrast, George Floyd was denied due process, when his life was ended over a $20 bill. There was no charge, no arrest, no hearing, no bail. Just execution,” the attorneys wrote.

An upset Angela Harrelson, George’s aunt, also spoke to local news station Fox9 about Chauvin’s inexplicable freedom:

“It’s something that I’m not happy with. I’m not pleased with it. But I know I have to accept it because this is what the judge allowed to happen. … I know our family is not happy with this decision,” Harrelson said.

We describe Chauvin’s ability to scrape up $1 million for bond as “mysterious” because back in July he and his “estranged” wife (who filed for divorce shortly after Floyd’s death) were indicted for felony tax evasion to the tune of $37,868 after failing to report $464,433 in earned income from 2014 to 2019 which includes $95,000 from off-duty gigs like the one he worked at the bar where George Floyd also worked. It is likely that the accounts that held this money are frozen and or funds were seized so the question begs, “where the f**k did he get this kind of bread?!”

Welp, a spokesperson for The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association said they didn’t pony up the money and Minneapolis Police Officers Federation president Bob Kroll said his organization did not participate either. There was a family-run crowdfunding page started but reports state that as of this morning, it had only reached $4,198 of it’s $125,000 goal.

Where the f**k did he get this kind of bread?!



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