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Monique & Candiace

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

A popular housewives franchise is heating up in the aftermath of a highly-anticipated fight. As previously reported Real Housewives of Potomac viewers couldn’t look away from that “Cabernet Combat” between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard that showed Monique “dragging” Candiace by the hair and hitting her during a winery trip gone awry.
Following the fight, an adrenaline-rushed Monique went running across the property to try to find Candiace to continue the fight and she warned her castmates to keep Candiace away from her. Since then, Monique’s expressed remorse for her actions.

Monique recently told The Daily Dish podcast that the incident wasn’t “premeditated” and said she wished she “walked away.” 

“I just want the fans to know that this wasn’t something that was premeditated; this was something that was based off of energy returned,” said Monique who added that she wished “none of it ever happened.”

According to Candiace however, it’s WAY TOO LATE FOR THAT.

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The former beauty queen spoke with PEOPLE and she let Monique have it for “lying” while noting that Mo released her song “Drag Queens” as a way to “brag” about their altercation which proves that she’s unremorseful. “It’s too late for her to be sorry,” said Candiace.

“She’s been saying as of late since the fight aired, that she wishes she walked away, and it wasn’t premeditated. And my response to that is: Where was that energy in July of 2020 when she was writing a song, bragging about this fight?” Dillard tells PEOPLE of Samuels’ song “Drag Queens.

“I don’t want people to believe her lies,” Dillard says. “Don’t allow her the space to now apologize for what she’s done or now claim that she wishes it didn’t happen.”

“You weren’t saying that after the fight,” Dillard says of Samuels. “All of a sudden you’re sorry? You doubled down in July. You can’t be sorry now that everybody has seen [the fight].”

Ooop! The title “Drag Queens” does seem a bit like she’s bragging, no? Monique previously said her song is simply about her “reclaiming her power back” after the “craziness” of #RHOP.

That’s not all however, Candiace also spoke on Monique’s claims that she was part of a plot to spread a NASTY paternity rumor.

Hit the flip.

Remember when we told you that Monique claimed that her ex-friend GiGi and former Housewife Charrisse Jackson Jordan, spread a rumor that she was “having an affair” with her trainer and that her pregnancy was not with her husband Chris Samuels?

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Monique was adamant that several of the housewives including Candiace were well aware of the rumor and met up to discuss ways to spread it, Monique alleged that Gizelle Bryant was adamant about spreading it in particular. The entire alleged plot scheme is allegedly why Monique was pissed that Candiace invited “whole walrus” Charrisse to her anniversary party.

According to Candiace however, Monique is using the entire “plot” claim as “another spin.”

Candiace told PEOPLE that Monique had already known about the rumors long before her anniversary party and claims Monique had seen Jackson Jordan prior to the event and “was friendly” towards her. Not only that, Candiace added that she sent a statement in support of Monique’s cease and desist to her ex-friend who conspired against her.

“If me having Charisse around was such an issue, why was she able to, two months prior to my party, stand next to Charrisse and hug her at Ashley Darby’s baby shower? Now all of a sudden at my party, it’s an issue? It’s just another spin,” said Candiace.

“These rumors are two years old. Why are they becoming an issue now? There have been plenty opportunities for her to come to me. I would have told her, ‘No, I was not spreading rumors about her family. The things I’ve heard you knew because I wrote a statement to give to her lawyers so she could present a cease and desist to the person who started the rumors.”

Monique has responded to Candiace’s “spin” claims and she told PEOPLE in a statement that she has not been “friendly” with Charrisse. Instead, she said she simply posed for a photo.

“At Ashley’s baby shower, I never held any conversation. I posed for a group picture with her and that was the extent of it,” Samuels tells PEOPLE. “I’ve known about these lies for two years and so has the group of women. I’ve tried to be cordial with the women to not bring the real lies to the television screen since they involved my innocent child.

She also alleged that Candiace spoke on the phone with her ex-friend for HOURS and interjected during the alleged “plot” sitdown that the ladies “needed a different angle” since her youngest son resembles her husband. Monique also added that Candiace’s Charrissee party invitation was a way to bring the nasty rumor, that she wanted to keep off-screen, to television.

“Candiace was the first person to be contacted by my former friend and spoke with her for two hours. Candiace then passed Charrisse’s phone number onto that friend and this is when the lies began to spread in this circle. I’ve held on to this information and it wasn’t until Candiace went live on her own Instagram account and exposed this plot — that my youngest son was not my husband’s, but my trainer’s. Candiace told the ladies she was speaking with that ‘that won’t fly because Chase looks like Chris’ and that they’ll have to come up with a different angle. This is how the rumor then switched to the cheating allegations with the trainer, which are all lies.”

“We never had any intention of bringing this to the show and did our best to protect our child from these scandalous women — all in an attempt to ruin my character and my marriage. Candiace inviting Charrisse to her anniversary party with cameras around was a welcomed invitation to introduce this nasty plot to the show. None of this is an excuse for the physical altercation. [Candiace] exposed herself and now wants to back track,” Samuels says in her statement.

Whewwwww, there’s more to unpack here.


Like Candiace, the other ladies of Potomac are adamant that the “plot” never happened.

Hit the flip.

Robyn Dixon previously told BOSSIP that an “insignificant dinner” was had and they didn’t meet up to conspire against Monique. 

Robyn Dixon

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

“I can say that we definitely had dinner, there was no plot, there was no ‘Hey, let’s get together so we can plot and talk about Monique and this rumor!’,” said Robyn on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap.

“It was a normal dinner just like any other day. Usually, when we get together for dinner we talk about everything, so to be honest, I don’t remember anything about that dinner because that’s how insignificant it was.”

Meanwhile, her “Green-Eyed Bandit” buddy Gizelle Bryant has made it clear that she and her alleged “six or seven baby mama” having Pastor boo have an “image to protect” so she wants to be “nowhere near Monique” after the hair dragging incident.

The irony in that is juuuust…


If you’re hoping to see Monique and Candiace hash out their differences as this season of #RHOP continues, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Candiace told PEOPLE that she hasn’t seen or heard from Monique since the October 2019 altercation and she ultimately won’t speak to her until the #RHOP reunion. You will see however the ladies file assault charges against each other that will later be dismissed in court. 

“That will be the only time I ever speak with her or allow myself to be around someone like her again. It’s only because I want to hear how she’s going to finally put the last spin on the lies she’s created over the last year,” Candiace told PEOPLE. 

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion really might break the Internet.


Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

We’re a good minute away from that, but will YOU be watching???

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