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Aubrey O’Day, shady social media whistleblower, we speak your name.

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Aubrey O’Day did the world a service during last night’s Presidential debate by sending some not so subtle shade Deplorable Dorito’s way.

In case you’re clueless as to why, it’s because the Danity Kane songstress allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump, Jr. during her season on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Mind you he had a pregnant wife at the time and mind you, Aubrey allegedly penned lyrics in TWO songs about their trysts.

There’s clearly bad blood between DTJ and Aubrey because the singer who’s an avid Joe Biden supporter took it upon herself to spill some alleged Trump family secrets.

While watching the final Presidential debate, Aubrey grew frustrated with Trump attacking Biden’s family and she let the chopper sing a sweet former Bad Boy Records artist melody that has since been deleted.

Still—it was EPIC and screenshots live forever.

According to Aubrey, Donald Jr. hates his father (understandable) and Baron Trump is a “little s***” who acted like a brat on a private plane. Not only that but Aubrey alleged that Ivanka, Trump who is married to Jared Kushner, is a lesbian and that Eric Trump had sex with a former Miss Universe winner while he was dating his now-wife, Lara.

“since trump has now lowered this debate to trashing family,” reads Aubrey’s post and delete.

-don jr HATES his father.

-ivanka is a lesbian on the low.

-eric f***** miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now-wife. #Debates2020.

“and while we are at it.. I have texts of don jr telling me what a little s*** a****** barron is.” O’Day said. “That they were on the private jet and barron didn’t like his food so he threw the plate across the plane at the attendant. NONE of these people are INNOCENT of being a******* & liars!”

Another deleted tweet read: “We need to stop discussing kids.. because Ivanka is a lesbian, yet doesn’t support women’s rights in this administration that she RUNS on the low.”

M E S S Y!

Prior to Aubrey’s “Show Stoppin'” shade, she made headlines over allegations that she aggressively Photoshops her photos to make herself look smaller in advertisements for diet teas. TheDailyMail posted “unrecognizable” photos of the star but Aubrey claimed that they were photoshopped.



Honestly, though, who cares? She gave the world alleged insider info on the Deplorables. Thanks for your service, Aubs.



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