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It’s been a rather eventful year for Doja Cat who was canceled then un-canceled then showered with love and awards like Favorite Female Artist — Soul/R&B at last night’s AMAs in a baffling moment that shook up social media.

How anyone could listen to her music and think “SOUL/R&B,” we may never know, but she (along with the Weeknd) were honored for making music that, last time we checked, is neither Soul nor R&B.

This indisputable fact didn’t seem to faze the “Say So” rapper who gushed over the award that immediately stirred up widespread confusion (and snarky comments) across the internet.

If you’re wondering, she won over actual Soul/R&B artists Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko.

For months, Doja has polarized Pop music with larger-than-life performances often overshadowed by her notoriously prickly personality.

Most recently, she went viral with her response to fans who accused her of being irresponsible on Halloween during a pandemic months after contracting COVID.

“I’m gonna get corona and them I’m gonna get a Corona ’cause I don’t give a f*** about corona, b***! It’s a flu! I’m not scared, y’all are pu**y. Ya’ll are so scared about corona that I need a Corona.”

When one fan asked Doja to take accountability for her reckless actions, she responded:

“LMAO accountability for taking 4 different tests in one week !?!?!? B*tch get the f*ck outta here you f*ckin nerd.”

In another Doja told a fan to “STFU hag” and in another, she told a fan to “suck her f****g rod.”

“Sorry that you’re too lazy to get f*cking tested slob. […] “You can suck my f*cking rod if that’s what you meant to say.”

How do you feel about DOJA CAT winning an award for Soul/R&B? Who should’ve won instead? Tell us in the comments and peep the hilariously petty reactions to Doja winning Favorite Female Soul/R&B artist on the flip.

“Im a Huge Doja Cat fan but I’m confused how she is considered a Soul/R&B artist?! Lol #AMAs” – we’re all confused

“Doja cat in the soul / r&b category” – yeaaa so…uh….

“bMy reaction after Doja Cat wins the R&B award:” – ours too

“Not Doja Cat in the best Soul R&B category and WINNING over Summer and Jhené” – we need an explanation

“Doja Cat over Jhene and Summer for Soul/R&B?? Good night” – byeeeee

“Giving Doja Cat an award for best Soul/R&B is a JOKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” – a hilarious joke

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“Since when has Doja Cat been a Soul/R&B artist?!” – since last night, apparently

“Doja Cat….R&B Soul….these award shows are getting super disrespectful and outta pocket. That’s all i’ma say on that.” – welpity welp

“2016 – rihanna
2017 – beyoncé
2018 – rihanna
2019 – beyoncé


2020 – doja cat” – hmmmm


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